Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seriously?! & Happiness Is...#9

Yes...another weekly linky. I'm obsessed with linkys. They help me collect my thoughts a little to give you all a blog post. Go check out! I just found her last week and I am excited to read more from her!

SERIOUSLY?!...Smoke alarms suck hairy donkey balls. See below.
SERIOUSLY?!...I'm cooking my first whole chicken for the first time tonight, as well as, attempting homemade Au Gratin potatoes.
SERIOUSLY?! What happened to July? Not that I'm complaining too much because August means one month closer to the end of the deployment AND cooler weather AND my final final for college!
SERIOUSLY?! I love how certain people are all up hubby's butt now that he has civilian internet. There are ways to contact him other than Facebook. Namely, email. You know, how I contacted him daily for 9 1/2 months. If you really cared, you'd find a way to get a hold of him.
SERIOUSLY?! I hate being so far away from family. Especially during times where they need someone to help pick up some of the weight around the house with everyday duties. :(

...My children have behaved (mostly) for 2 days and I, in turn, have had more energy and have been much more content and calm.

...A fixed smoke alarm. 2ish weeks smoke alarm upstairs started chirping at 5:30am. I had no 9-volts and had to wake up both kids and run to the shoppette to grab some. I bought extra. By 6:00am, I finally crawled back in bed when my DOWNSTAIRS alarm started chirping. I wanted to cry. By 6:30, I was finally ASLEEP again. 4 days later, it started chirping again at 6:00am. I took another battery down with me and the air duster and replaced the battery and blew out any crap that may be preventing it from working. The next day, the maintenance people came by to do their biannual check of smoke alarms, gas, a/c, etc. They HAVE to replace the they did that in my smoke alarms and just gave me back the ones that weren't all that old at all. Last night at midnight, the downstairs smoke alarm started chirping AGAIN. I ripped it off the ceiling and called maintenance first thing this morning. They replaced the unit altogether and I should have some peace now. Did I mention both kids' rooms are downstairs? The chirping woke them up each time. :/

...Talking to my husband each day and getting that much closer to him being home again. I'm prepared to be a mess again.


Shelley said...

Stopping by for the linky! Cute blog! And that is so true about fb not being the only way to communicate with someone!

Becky said...

Oh, man, I would have lost my mind about those alarms!! Thank goodness your kids were good sports about it. I probably would have had a fit! I'm glad it all got worked out, and that hubby will be home soon!

Thanks for sharing this with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!