Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear bookstores...

I really love you.


I'd be devastated if all the bookstores went out of business. I've already lost Borders. It was the only bookstore up here and I've used them for the past 4 years happily. Well, maybe sparingly. Sparingly because we'd go broke. Spending $100+ each time you go to the bookstore can make one go broke. But who can help it? All those amazing shelves upon shelves full of books that need reading!

My friend posted a link about Barnes & Noble having a 50% off paperbacks, so I went to the dark side. That's what I called B&N because I was a Borders girl. I got 17 books for around $100. I also got a membership. You get free 1-3 day express shipping. Only HECK YEAH! We don't have a B&N anywhere close to us, so I'm an online shopper for now :( It makes me sad because I think the ebooks are killing bookstores. I am an avid Kindle supporter. I love my Kindle. But I read just as many real books as ebooks. Where are all the readers at? Huh? Support BOOKSTORES! Keep them in business so this girl doesn't lose her sanity!



Vapid Vixen said...

Ebooks will never hold a candle to the real thing. At least for me. I love bookshelves that hold actual books. And turning pages. And the smell of a leather bound hardback. Keep your kindles, I don't want em! I really hope the actual bookstores can stay in business.

Manda-Nicole said...

I actually think Ebooks are going to steal the light from bookstores. :/ So many new authors are able to publish themselves through Ebooks which makes for a wider selection.

Not to mention all the money you save in gas/shipping & handling.

I personally still prefer to have a nice, big and full bookshelf and will continue to buy my books that way :p

RAY J said...

I posted about this awhile back too and like you, I'm a Border's girl!

B&N always seemed to have higher prices, they had no free rewards program like Borders (which for being free was AWESOME btw!) and yeah... the only thing I like better at B&N than Borders is the kid's section, as I have a much easier time finding what I'm looking for there... the rest of the stuff though, Borders hands down!

I have the Kindle app on my Android phone but the only books I've actually finished on it are ones that are only eBooks so I couldn't buy em in the store anyway, or they're on the list of free books. I much prefer physical books!