Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dear skin...

I've decided I like you pale.

Back in the day, especially during band camp, I loved you being all nice and toasty brown. Nothing too extreme, just a nice bronzing.
Lord knows I didn't want to end up looking like this:

As an adult, I avoid getting you sunburned like the devil, if I avoided the devil that is. Then it happened. Even though I applied sunscreen generously...I can't reach all of me and I didn't cover you up early enough. The painful results were this...

After the red started to tone down, you were a pretty light tan color. Or at least, once upon a time you were pretty. Now you look absolutely disgusting. Like really gross and it made me freak out.

Then you started the nice transition into peeling off. This is exponentially grosser when I cannot reach the peeling skin and my long hair keeps getting pieces of it stuck in the strands. As Jimmy Fallon would say..."Ew!"

I have found this to be amazingly evil to have to endure during a deployment. 1) I didn't have someone to properly cover my skin with sunscreen to protect it. 2) I had no one to make fun of my insanely hilarious tan lines. 3) I couldn't reach to put aloe on.

Now with the peeling, has come an extreme itch. I don't remember my skin being this itchy when I got sunburnt every summer...but at least it's taking away some of that gross color. Now I look slightly darker than before. I like that. But when will the itch stop? :(

Dear skin,
I promise to take better care of you in the future.

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Barb said...

Ooh. That looks painful. Isn't it crazy that we all want to toast ourselves when young, but then finally figure it out? Hopefully before too much damage is done! Since you don't have a helper... I swear by the spray sunscreens. You can get your back on your own and no messy hands. Nice to meet you. I'm over from FTLOB.

Ixy said...

I always thought I tanned without burning - the last few peeling episodes have proven me wrong.

My husband didn't wear sunscreen on the first day of our Hawaii. It was a long, blistery week for him!

Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

Popping in from ftlob. Keep that skin safe! Happy seeing beautiful!

BTW, the "tan" picture made me laugh out loud!

Dee said...

As a red head I totally have experience in this department! I have now grown to the point where being in the sun AT ALL starts bothering my skin (well more me than my skin, but both I'd say). I should probably wear sunscreen daily but I just hate the feel and smell of it! Good luck recovering!

Vapid Vixen said...

Let's hear it for pale skin!!! Sunburns always itch. I remember each and every one of them. The skin getting caught in your hair? That's pretty funny...and a little uck.

Sar said...

OH NO! Definitely start wearing some SPF for sure! Sun damage is ridiculously harsh!

Just stopping by for Comment Love Sunday from ftlob. Thinking of you and your burn! And if you get bored today, come visit!

Goodnight moon said...

Hi Sarah! Gesh....I know the feeling! I loved to be super tan when I was younger...heck, I still love being tan, I just don't want all that it can bring on, like skin cancer, sun spots...ect. I can only "layout" in the sun for about 30mins before I get fried.

New milspouse follower;)

stephanie said...

ohmygosh! sunburns are the worst!! and I'd hate it if you looked crazy tan like that too. or if you resembled anything in that picture at all :)