Friday, August 5, 2011

Dish on Your DVR #9

I'm going to try a different format this week...and less babbling! :}

Next Food Network Star: Jeff won both challenges. I loved the Roast challenge. It was neat to see the contestants really be under pressure and have comedians give a few laughs! The final four are Vic, Jeff, Mary Beth and Susie. Honestly, I would watch all of them except Mary Beth, if they had their own show.

Celeb Rehab: Family and friends day got a little messy! Jeremy's sister made a "sweet" joke (is she on drugs?) calling Amy something with Face Shooter in it. Amy's husband went apeshit and then Jeremy's family called the cops because he threatened to kill him. I can see why Amy is the way she is. I can see why she is doing porn, see why she is such an insecure trapped little girl. Her husband is an overbearing asshole. I bet he beats her. I also don't get why she doesn't realize that people won't have respect for her because instead of getting out of jail and proving to everyone she had changed, she turned to porn. IMO, not a very respectable profession. It just makes you look like a sad, sad person. Especially when you marry someone who HAS money.

My Strange Addictions: These ones were all kind of sad. Even after filming, none of them quit their addictions. This week it was eating rocks, a pillow from 1982, taxodermy, and cycling. I think the last was the worst. He was in denial. He cycled 8 hours a day 7 days a week and needed hip replacement surgery because he had caused himself injury from cycling. He couldn't stand up and was in constant, excruitiating pain.

Switched at Birth: I seriously love this show. It was the girls' birthday. They both got cars. Regina and Daphne make up. Emmett & Bay decide to tell Daphne about them, but at the end, Daphne reveals she likes him. Uh oh!

Teen Mom: Ryan is such a loser. He sits there and lies to his family about Maci and makes her out to be this awful horrible person who is shutting him out. He is being unreasonable and immature on purpose.

SYTYCD: Wednesday night, the guest judge was Christina Applegate. She is hilarious! My favorite routines were Melanie & Twitch's hip hop (especially loved the song - dungeon dragon!), Todd and Eleanore's chandelier Sonya Tayeh routine and Tadd and Melanie's other routine together...I think it was a Tyce jazz piece. Needless to say, I love me some Melanie and Tadd. Also Melanie's solo was INSANE. She is a beautiful dancer. My predictions were that Melanie, Tadd, Caitlynn and Marko would be the top 4. On Thursday night, Melanie and Marko were the first to be pushed through. Tadd and Sasha ended up also getting through. I was very surprised that Caitlynn didn't make it because everyone seemed to love her so much. I honestly think that Melanie will win. I love Tadd, but I think Melanie has killed everything she has been in.

Do you watch any of these? What were your thoughts?

Upcoming Shows:
The Pioneer Woman - Saturday, Aug 27 @ 11:30am on Food Network
Vampire Diaries - Thursday, Sept 15 on CW
Glee - Tuesday, Sept 20 on Fox
New Girl - Tuesday, Sept 20 @ 9pm on Fox
X Factor - Wednesday, Sept 21 and Thursday, Sept 22 @ 8pm on Fox
Whitney - Thursday, Sept 22 @ 9:30pm on NBC
Fringe - Friday, Sept 23 @ 9pm on Fox
Family Guy - Sunday, Sept 25 @ 8pm on Fox
Walking Dead - Sunday, Oct 16 on AMC
Psych - USA this October
Pretend Time - Comedy Central this Fall
Sister Wives - TLC this Fall
Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea - NBC this fall

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Brandi said...

I am such a reality junkie! Basically all of the shows you listed are on my DVR plus more!

Randi said...

New follower from Comment Love!
Love this idea- I watch Strange addiction sometimes- the taxidermy killed me this week...yuck!
LOVE Switched at Birth too. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

Neely said...

Ryan is a huuuuuge loser!

Ashley said...

Super excited to see PW's new show! Love her!

Thanks for linking up with Neely and me!

Bdubs said...

I just started watching Switched at Birth and I love it too! I have to say though that I can't stand Bay. She's such a brat! I'm not caught up on the episodes yet so hopefully she gets less bratty as time goes on. I'm only on Episode 4 but I'm totally hooked.