Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun With Our Phones Monday

So I didn't realize it...but I didn't take ANY pictures this week. Okay..well that's a lie. I took 2.

I guess I will just share the stories that go behind them :)

That is Matthew at the dentist. He saw me grab my phone and thought Daddy was calling so I unfortunately didn't take video or more than one picture. Last week, he had to have more fillings done. Back in June, he had one done at our dentist office, but the girl who did the one wanted to send him to a pediatric dentist because he was scared of the water the machine had. Not the machine, just the water. LOL. So we had a consult appt 2 weeks and I will have to say that this dentist (who is fresh out of school - Matthew was his first patient!) is going to be amazing! Because he already is :) He came out and talked to Matthew and he noticed Matthew had brought some Cars toys with him and was wearing a Cars shirt and shoes. So he talked to him about the sugar bugs and told him he wanted to give him some cool Cars teeth to protect from the sugar bugs. Matthew was ALL for that, of course. Matthew got to have some laughing gas, which was hilarious!, and he got a Finn McMissile tooth and a Lightning McQueen tooth. He was very excited and he did amazing. The dentist had him bite on this little piece of black papery type thing and he told me with most kids - that's the worst part, but Matthew was like a little shark. lol. It was cool though. I got to sit on the chair and hold his hand and Cami sat in the corner and was very well-behaved.

The laughing gas was the funniest thing. Once it hit him, Matthew goes "Mom, is that your hand I'm holding?" and then he was lifting his leg and turning his head between the assistant and the dentist smiling. And once they started doing the actual fillings he was trying to say "aah!" and he was being sooo funny. The cool thing about the laughing gas is that it wears off really fast. So unfortunately no Matthew After Dentist video, but he was a perfect patient and everything went swimmingly!

This was Matthew playing dead. LOL. He was laying next to me on the couch yesterday. :D


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Cute! :)

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That story is so funny!! I'm sure it was so funny for you being there listening to him!! ;)