Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Telephone Tree #19

Last Tuesday was super busy for us - we went for a consult at a pediatric dentist to get Matthew's other two cavities filled...it was fine until we got there and then it was just POURING rain...

While we waited, I read a dinosaur book and couldn't help but take a picture of the pronunciation. My husband and I say "nuh" instead of I love you most of the time. :)

I decided to go grocery shopping at Walmart and get my oil changed at the same time. 
We grabbed some Subway first!

Then we grabbed a car wash (it had already cleared up completely by then, weather-wise).
They got balloons at the dentist's office.

When we got home, I unpacked the groceries quickly and we grabbed a snack.
Then we headed up to the baseball diamond about a mile from our house and played baseball and soccer.

 Some random day this week, Cami piled stuffed animals on me while I was reading...to make a blanket!

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