Friday, August 19, 2011

True Life: I'm a Mommy Blogger

True Life: I'm a Mommy Blogger!

I don't write about my kids every day, but I do mention them and sometimes devote whole posts to blabbering randomly about how awesome they are!

I have two kids: Matthew and Cambria (after the band if you're wondering). They are 11 months apart to the very day and both born on the 11th of their month :)

Matthew is my four year old. He is very smart, silly and stubborn. He is OBSESSED with Pixar Cars. Daddy is definitely his best friend and he takes the separation pretty hard. Matthew is very protective and pretty weary of strangers. He can be shy and hard to warm up at times. He loves to count and draw (much like I did when I was little) He hates to get dirty (much like his Daddy did when he was little). We finally have gotten over the picky eater stage and he is eating everything now! He suffers from eczema and allergies, might even have asthma, but he is an amazing, happy little guy.

Cambria is my three year old. She is so funny to me because she can be a girly, prissy little thing one minute and turn around and rough 'n tumble it with the boys. She loves Disney Princesses and animals. She is very brave and loves to talk to anyone who will listen to her. She loves to compliment people on their nice clothes or pretty hair in public. Cami (nickname) is also a huge drama queen. She fake cries better than anyone I know. She loves to play in the dirt and splash in puddles. She loves mayonnaise...she requests it on everything (YES!)

Both kids have huge hearts and are best friends part of the time and worst enemies the other part of the time :P They love to laugh, giggle, sing and dance. Give them a book and they are in heaven....or maybe just some candy! They are in love with Lady Gaga, Pokemon and anything Mario on the Wii!

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