Friday, September 23, 2011

Boob Tube Babble

 Boob Tube Babble
So my cable box decided to be super awesome and it died last night. I had just put the kids in bed and was hoping to watch Big Bang Theory or perhaps The Daily Show or Chelsea Lately from last night...and I heard it making this obnoxious clicking noise. So I turned it off...the noise continued. So I unplugged it. I turn it back on and wait for it to boot so I can at least catch the 2nd Big Bang Theory episode and record I go to my DVR to see if I got a partial recording of the first episode and ALL OF MY SHOWS ARE GONE. Everything I recorded. Mind you, I've been saving shows for a year to watch with my husband who will be home from the Stan in less than 2 weeks. *cries* It wouldn't let me record anything and all my scheduled recordings were gone. It wouldn't even let me pause or rewind live tv :( I ran to the nearest office this morning and got a new box. Lucky for me, they are also now offering a 25% discount to people living on military bases so our bill went from $175 to $112...and they said I could get around-home DVR for $8 a month (setting it up next Tuesday)...meaning I can watch my DVR'd shows in my bedroom! *swoon*

Today I wanted to talk about some new shows...isn't everyone doing that? :) I have to jump on that bandwagon.

When I saw the promos for this, I knew immediately it was going to be an amazing show. I am not disappointed at all. Christina Applegate - I've always been a fan. She's so funny! Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph are amazing too! :)

I am loving this. It's probably not my typical genre of show and it's kind of a little cheesy, but it keeps me on the edge of my seat and I do adore Sarah Michelle Gellar! This week's episode ended and I literally said out loud, "What the fuck?" ~ it's such a thriller/mystery/mind-boggling show!

I really thought that this was going to be overly cheesy and unwatchable, much like other CW programming and ABC Family too. I found myself liking it a lot though. I've always been a big fan of anything vampire, lycanthrope, witch, fae, etc. and I felt like the first episode was so short (and I missed last night's because of said-DVR incident). I wanted more! So I'm definitely going to continue watching ~ very interesting story line and I guess I should have realized this...but it's based on a book series :) Oh and the "bad girl" - so cliche. *rolls eyes*

What can I say that can describe how epic this show is?  Seriously? I can't. It's so amazing and perfect. Zooey Deschanel can do no wrong. I was laughing obnoxiously the whole time! Like especially when she was told to hide those crazy feelings in a cave so no one could find them and she said "Except for Smeagal" OMG. And the douchebag jar! And the Wayans got to have a Wayans brother :) I love it. New Girl is definitely my favorite.

I also watched Glee, Tosh.0, Free Agents, and 2 Broke Girls this week. I attempted to watch X Factor, but it was annoying! SO ANNOYING. I'm hoping to catch BBT, Whitney and Prime Suspect next week! :)

Oh and I cancelled my recordings (before my cable box died) of Teen Mom and the Talk. I can't watch them anymore. Teen Mom is boring and ridiculous - I'm sick of them bitching about how awful they have it. Girls, I got pregnant at 17 and had 2 kids by 19. It's NOT that hard. It really isn't. I did my college with 2 toddlers and a deployed husband and graduated with honors.

More Upcoming Shows
Fringe - Friday, Sept 23 @ 9pm on Fox
Family Guy - Sunday, Sept 25 @ 8pm on Fox
Sister Wives - Sunday, Sept 25 @ 9pm on TLC
Pan Am - Sunday, Sept 25 @ 10pm on ABC
Kendra - Sunday, Sept 25 @ 11pm on E!
Dexter - Sunday, Oct 2 on HBO
Pretend Time - Wednesday, Oct 5 on Comedy Central
Psych - Wednesday, Oct 12 @ 10pm on USA
Walking Dead - Sunday, Oct 16 on AMC
Grimm - Friday, Oct 21 @ 9pm on NBC
Next Iron Chef - Oct 30 on Food Network
The Exes - Wednesday, Nov 30 on TVLand
Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea - NBC this fall


Amber said...

OMG dexter and pysch <3 <3 <3 <3
too bad I dont have cable. :(

Victoria said...

i am pumped for psych in october!!

i really enjoyed new girl and up all night too :)

happy weekend and tv watching!

Janelle said...

Thanks for posting this. I was debating whether to give New Girl a shot, but now I think I will! Also, there's a Dexter leak for the premiere on :) I know what I'm doing tonight.

Kerbi said...

I totally forgot about Ringer. I love me some SMG! So glad she's back!