Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Bored Jar

Pinterest is amazing. Period. End of story!

I’ve found some pretty interesting things via Pinterest…one of those things is the “Bored Jar” and you’re probably wondering what in the heck I am talking about.

Here is my bored jar:

What happens is this:
Let’s say I get bored…I need something to do. I would go over to my bored jar and draw something out of it. There are a bunch of different things in there. Some are chores. Some are crafts. Some are just silly things. But it’s something for me to do since I am, after all, bored.

What you need to make your bored jar:
  • 1 mason jar, pickle jar, any kind of wide-mouth jar
  • Things to decorate it (scrapbook paper, glitter, etc.)
  • Pieces of paper
  • A pen
All you need to do is decorate the outside…I went the lazy route and just decorated the lid and used packing tape to place the scrapbook paper on it for the label. Write different things on the pieces of paper, fold them in half and toss them in your jar. Then next time you say “I’m bored”, draw a piece out!
This would also be a great idea for older kids.

Here are some example “tasks” for when I’m bored:
  • Blog about something
  • Organize pantry
  • Clean something in my room
  • Crochet
  • Go for a walk
  • Do a chore off the daily chore list
Now go make your own :P


Desi said...

Good idea. I'm always claiming I'm bored. But really I know there are things I could be doing like cleaning or exercising, but I just don't wanna! lol. I just may do this idea :)

Semper Wifey said...

What a great idea! Especially for kids! :)

L. said...

This is such a great idea! I think I need to make one of these for those days when I just don't know what to do with myself. Thanks for sharing!

Amber said...

Nerd :p

one of them should say "edit ambers blog cuz we're both probably bored of the current one"
even though i'm honestly not..... yet anyway :p

Amber said...

Oh and "make amber cookies"

Amber said...

one could say, "have matthew and cami make a video for finster and maddie"

stephanie said...

cute idea! this would be perfect for when my girls are a little older. no more "i'm boreds" in my house!

Christina said...

Such a good idea. I'm going to use it for my kids when they get to that age! I seem to always be able to fill my "bored" time with writing and reading blogs.

Katie said...

That's a great idea! I need one! I am always saying I'm bored, but I have a million projects that need doing (really, I'm just lazy more than bored). I also really liked the "naughty jar" - you put chores in there for kids to do when they have been naughty.