Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Brad Paisley

Today, I want to talk about your song. You know that really perfect one. Which one is that, you ask? "She's Everything", of course!

That song has got to be the most romantical song I have ever ever heard.

So the story behind this song for me is that my lovely husband sang it to me (first time hearing the song) when I was incredibly pregnant with our first baby. I BAWLED.

Since then, I couldn't listen to it without crying. With deployments, it got worse for me. I finally am able to get through most of it...until one line. So I'm sharing the lyrics....
She's a yellow pair of running shoes
A holey pair of jeans
She looks great in cheap sunglasses
She looks great in anything
She's I want a piece of chocolate
Take me to a movie
She's I can't find a thing to wear
Now and then she's moody

She's a Saturn with a sunroof
With her brown hair a-blowing
She's a soft place to land
And a good feeling knowing
She's a warm conversation
That I wouldn't miss for nothing
She's a fighter when she's mad
And she's a lover when she's loving

And she's everything I ever wanted
And everything I need
I talk about her, I go on and on and on
'Cause she's everything to me

She's a Saturday out on the town
And a church girl on Sunday
She's a cross around her neck
And a cuss word 'cause its Monday
She's a bubble bath and candles
Baby come and kiss me
She's a one glass of wine
And she's feeling kinda tipsy

She's the giver I wish I could be
And the stealer of the covers
She's a picture in my wallet
and my unborn children's mother
[The part that made me cry when I first heard it]
She's the hand that I'm holding
When I'm on my knees and praying
She's the answer to my prayer
And she's the song that I'm playing

[Repeat chorus]

She's the voice I love to hear
Someday when I'm ninety
She's that wooden rocking chair
I want rocking right beside me
Everyday that passes
I only love her more
Yeah, she's the one
That I'd lay down my own life for
[The part that makes me sob uncontrollably now.]

And she's everything I ever wanted
And everything I need
She's everything to me
Yeah she's everything to me

Everything I ever wanted
And everything I need
She's everything to me
It's seriously soooo beautiful. I love this song. My husband decided to learn how to play it on guitar during this deployment and tried to play it 8 billion times during R&R, to which I would run out of the room or beg him to knock it off before I started crying. But instead of hating the song, I adore it. It makes me cry and blubber, but it's beautiful and I know when my husband sings it to me, he means every word :)

So Brad, thank you. Thank you so much for this undeniably, amazingly romantic, perfect song. :)


Amber said...

this song makes me cry too!!!

Reccewife said...

I've never heard that song before, it's beautiful, and your hubby sounds like a sweetie :)

The New "Normal" said...

Oh, I love that song! I'm glad you posted the word, I have always liked hearing it but never knew the exact words - perfect!
Your husband is so sweet to sing that to you and to learn to play it on guitar! :)

Wiz said...

Such a sweet post :)

Manda-Nicole said...

This song truly is beautiful. :)