Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun With Our Phone & Busy Work

Walking to the mailbox :)

Pretty little thang! I had to cut her bangs

I think it's pretty funny that the first thing that we recorded on our new cable box (the last one died on Thurs) was Pokemon. haha

Today was 80 and gorgeous here in NY. The trees are all changing colors and ahh!

We stopped at BK for lunch. Yum.

Matt got a haircut on Saturday. Looks so handsome :)

I'm hoping this week will fly by for me. I'm going to try to keep to a schedule. We'll see how that goes. haha.

Here's the plan:
Grocery shop, clean master bedroom, dishes, vacuum, swiffer, get everything out for the bulk pick up (good thing today is supposed to be 80 degrees), send package to Angie and Jessi
Bulk pick up day, garbage day, dishes, vacuum, swiffer, clean oven
Wash towels & sheets, dishes, vacuum, swiffer
Kids' laundry, vacuum downstairs, dishes, vacuum (upstairs), swiffer
My laundry, dishes, vacuum, swiffer, collect garbage throughout the house, make a run to Walmart for sign supplies and food for beginning of week - maybe knitting/crocheting stuff
Bathrooms (scrub bathtubs), dust, dishes, vacuum, swiffer, make cookies, clean fridge
Bills/papers, declutter, dishes, vacuum, swiffer (dry/wet), make cake balls, clean pantry

In addition to all that, I have 4 extra recipes to make...ideas for blog posts throughout the week...and reading and crocheting to do! 

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Amber said...

reading and crocheting to do..... asjdkl;gh;dklgjaskdlfjslkfdklsjfkls old lady hipster :p