Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun With Our Phones plus Giveaway News

Very late in the day...I've been soooo busy today. I woke up and vacuumed the bedrooms downstairs. I then steam-cleaned spots on Matthew's carpet. I started painting the walls in his room and touched up spots on the door frames and did the stairs' railing.

Then I called maintenance about fixing my toilet...that is a story for another day! I called Monro to schedule an appt to get my front brakes done. I tried to make an appt for Bella's shots, but they don't have anything open until beginning of October and I don't want to be at the vet when Nick's homecoming is. So I am going to try and call back at the end of the week to get later in October.

I've cleaned the heck out of the house too...and now our toilet is fixed. And now I get to blog...FINALLY (while watching the debate :D)...

Grocery shopping - Matthew loving some Honey Buns and Cami "sleeping"

We got a box of goodies from and kitty were happy :)

So in love with my Kitchenaid. <3

I had a good makeup and hair day :)

Late night Sudoku

Oh these children.

My cat is seriously up my butt all the time. LOL. 
Here she is saying "Pay attention to me, Bish!" while I tried to crochet..

I was momentarily missing my toilet to retrieve the toilet paper holder. 
Almost had to pay for a new one. :/

Now on to the best part of this post...

My BFFF is hosting a birthday extravaganza this week to celebrate her birthday (on the 18th). I believe my day is the 17th (the day after MY birthday), but I am sponsoring a food/kitchen-related giveaway. I will keep it secret so you'll have to keep your eyes out. Her first giveaway (which I already entered) began today: Go check it out!


stephanie said...

my little one loves honey buns too! soryr about the lack of toilet- I could see that posing a problem :)

Savanah said...

Thanks so much for linking up with us again!! I want a kitchen aid mixer SO bad!!

Can't wait to hear what the giveaway is!!