Monday, September 5, 2011

Fun With Our Phones

I love my pretty kitty. Even if she's been extra scratchy lately. :/

I pulled out the little dry-erase pads this week and let the kids practice writing their letters.

Then last Tuesday, I spent 3 hours cleaning the car. 
Vacuuming, clean wiping, protectant wiping and windexing the glass.
This is an "after" picture.
This is a before picture...our car wasn't too too dirty. Especially for it being months since I've cleaned it. My husband would've had a heart attack :P

My little Just Dance partner :)

Friday, we ran errands. I got propane and firewood...and then a dinky little desk to use until we save up the money for a super nice one. I spent 2 hours putting it together. Very awkward job for one person to do. I forgot to get an all-finished picture.

My poor bookshelf. The picture is dark, but you can see lots of books stacked horizontally in front of the books on the shelf. Never-ending to-read list!

In other news, my husband informed me that instead of 4 days off after they get home...he will get 2 days off because they are worried about the soldiers getting in trouble. I am mega pissed about this. 2 days is not enough time before throwing them back into work. I hate my husband's company. The dumbasses ruin it for the good soldiers. :( October could not get here soon enough though. My husband has been getting the shaft and worked to the bone lately. He has gotten all the misc jobs that no other NCO wants to take - the "bitch" work :/ He's tired and anxious to get home. He went from talking to me on FB for a couple hours after work, to getting on fast before work to write me a quick message (which is like 2am my time so I'm in bed). Shit is pissing me off. I'm ready for it to be over and I know he is more than ready for it to be over. AND I'm sure he is also more than ready to leave this company. It's quite literally the worst company in the army. It has to be. When all the other companies were getting half days after last deployment, his company was doing full work days...and by full work days, I mean finding menial cleaning jobs for the soldiers to do to keep them there all day. GRRRRRR. Rant over.

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