Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun With Our Phones - 9.19

This keeps coming later and later each Monday :P
Here's what I got on my phone this week:

Last Thurs, at the car shop - Matthew rocked and played the guitar behind his head. 

While I read Harry Potter...(Cami was diggin' in that little bucket for more toys)

I got pretty peeved when after test driving my car, it returned very dirty *eye twitch*

I seriously love my little mau.

The kids' shirts and our DEPLOYMENT SUCKS flair :)

On my birthday - it was cold, but pretty. The company (where hubby works) was all desolate and lonely. I can't wait til it's busy again! We volunteered to help make beds in the single soldiers' barracks. Then we went to Friendly's for lunch with my friend Heidi and her bf Chris :)

Got a pumpkin spice latte after shopping at Target...this was my birthday cake. LOL



Erin said...

Sounds like y'all have been busy! Hope you enjoyed your birthday. There may not have been cake but I've heard those lattes are amazing!

Thanks for linking up with me and Savannah!

Savanah said...

those shirts for the kids are so cute!!! And so clever! haha

And of course love the kitty pic :)

Thanks for linking up again!!