Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why I Will Vote For Ron Paul

(I wrote this before last night's debate)
I've never been a huge politics-nut.

I'm really really dumb when it comes to government and politics, in fact. I just really cannot grasp a lot of the concepts and issues, etc. It gives me a headache. I try to understand, but it's like the same way I am with cars...no matter how much I want to learn and retain, I just don't.

Recently, I became more interested through postings from my friend, Angela. This month, I was lucky enough to get paired with her in the Clamhouse's besties thing we do. She definitely inspired me to learn more about politics and I'm really glad she did.

Most of my grasp on anything real-worldish, comes from comedic outlets...like The Daily Show. I think the media has always been pretty biased and full of bologna, so I prefer not to get news from them. I mean I'm soooo glad people are starting to realize how ridiculous Fox News is. They play it everywhere throughout Ft. Drum's on post clinic...and I can remember back in 2008, just looking at the "news" they were "reporting" and shaking my head.

Last week, I watched a presidential candidate debate for the first time in my life. I was amazed at the scum that is trying to run for the republican ticket (is that the right terminology? LOL). I mean Rick Perry and Mitt Romney...they are slimy politicians...the cliche, slimy politicians. They sound like damn car salesmen. That Cheeto-colored guy was all about pooping rainbows and unicorns all over the issues. Santorum looks out of place and confused half the time. Cain is forgettable. Don't even get me started on Bachman - crazy creeper eyes woman - makes me ashamed to be from Minnesota! And Genrich cannot be taken seriously. I also thought it was incredibly immature how they were all bickering (not debating) and then badmouthing the president. Weren't they there to tell us about the issues? This is where Paul comes in...

I think he was impressive at the debate. He was aggressive with his points and he has his head in the game, unlike his fellow contenders. I'm very excited to see how he does tonight. Ron Paul has been ignored by the media and I actually think that this is backfiring on them. Instead of having people ignore Paul, it's making supporters of Paul more aggressive in sharing his standpoints and spreading the word about him. Being much more vocal.

I'm still doing my research, but here's what I really like about Paul:
  • former military
  • practiced medicine - ob/gyn
  • supporting benefits for veterans
  • creating a strong homefront, instead of stretching our troops across the world
  • wanting to end the Federal Reserve
  • lowering taxes because the people should not have to pay for the government's outlandish spending
  • protecting gun rights
  • not forcing workers to join the union (I hated all the union people badgering me at my first job)
  • support for those who choose to homeschool their children (I think that's important. I won't homeschool mine, but I have a lot of respect for those who do choose to)
  • cracking down on illegal immigration (protecting our borders, not providing amnesty, ending birthright citizenship, etc.)
  • FREE MARKET (I totally agree with him about the government controlling our every move!)
  • Drilling in the US instead of relying on foreign oil

Ron Paul warned about something like 9/11 happening...I believe there were tapes of him in 1994 warning about it. He also warned about the financial crisis we are in now.

I think he is the only hope we have to fix what's wrong with our country.

I cannot wait for voting day.


Candace said...

My husband is in the military and a huge fan of Ron Paul. I think it is time I read up on him. I definitely agree with all that he stands for.

Jane said...

I really like Ron Paul. I agree with him on so, so much. He is middle of the road which I really like. And, I think that represents where most of the country stands. Some Republican ideas, some Democrat. If he was on the ticket, I would definitely be voting for him. I think it's unfortunate though, because I think that's why he never gets that far. I feel like both parties often have the furthest right or left candidate they can. Which isn't what we need. Maybe this will be his year though!

glitterskulls said...

PAUL 2012!!! im really glad angela got you on the ron paul wagon!!

RAY J said...

Thanks for posting this!

I've been hear more of my non-liberal friends post things about him on Facebook lately, being in favor of him but I keep forgetting to look up information on himself.

Honestly, a lot of the top/popular GOP candidates that you hear about in the media really scare me and if they're on the ballot next November... (ie: Palin or Bachmann) I honestly would have to write a candidate in or something as I've never been an Obama supporter but a lot of these GOP candidates are just waaay out there!