Friday, October 14, 2011

Boob Tube Babble.

Boob Tube Babble
So since my husband has gotten home, I've been like crazy not watching any shows off my DVR. I'm so behind. But for good reasons. I saved all the True Blood and we just finished watching the night before last.

I'm not sure entirely that I like where the storyline has gone and I get sick of Alan Ball playing up Bill like a hero. My poor husband, who hasn't read the books, probably hears "that didn't happen in the books" more than anything else. LOL.

Things I have to say:
  • I do like that Lafayette is still alive (he dies right at the beginning of book 2 and was never a huge character), but I'm not sure about this whole medium crap. I almost thought that Ball would kill him off this season.
  • I'm so glad Tommy and his parents are gone. They were so annoying.
  • I think that Tara isn't dead, even though it appears that way. I guess in the books she wasn't that important but Ball has made her one of the main characters and she'd be one of the first to be killed off, if so.
  • I don't like how they did the Debbie scene. That really needed Eric.
  • I don't like how Eric DID remember what happened between Sookie and him during his time under Marnee's spell.
  • I HATE how Jason didn't turn into a werepanther and how they had him captured and he was going to turn because they needed to father more cubs. Although I will admit, I was cracking up at the daddy-uncle and titles like that. 
  • I like Sookie's explosive hand power. That's kind of cool.
  • Fairyworld just got completely ruined. :/
  • I didn't like the Andy on V, and Arlene's baby weird storylines.
  • I wonder if they will actually say Alcide is the new packmaster since he killed Marcus.
  • I really really really HATE how the final scene went down with the witches. The weres were included in the books and it was amazing. It would have been epic.
Overall, even though Alan Ball butchered my favorite book, if I think of them separately, I still liked Season 4. I am stoked to find out what happens next.

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Kasondra said...

I have yet to read the books...I don't like the path the show has taken. Is it worth it to pick them up and read them?

RAY J said...

I gave up trying to compare them to the books - saying the last 2 seasons are based on them is putting it VERY loosely.

Like you, book 4 was one of my favorites. I'm still hoping for werepanther Jason. I *hate* how they changed the fae (and killed off Claudine already, wtf?!). I think Tara's still alive - seems weird they would kill her... I'm glad they didn't kill Lafayette off at the end of season 1 like they do in the books though - his character has gotten pretty good (sad about Jesus though! I liked them together!).

The books have been soooo good, it really annoys me how Alan Ball feels the need to pick and choose from all them and then completely change and alter storylines (although I do like the addition of Jessica - even Charlaine Harris has said she really likes that he wrote her in, wishing she had thought to add in a baby vamp like her into the books.).

I just have to keep reminding myself when watching the show that it's not the same as the books, otherwise I get too annoyed over it, lol...