Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun With Our Phones Monday

So first off, Happy Halloween! FAVORITE HOLIDAY! Gahhh I love Halloween. I'm still brainstorming on pumpkins...I don't know what to carve this year. I'm completely stumped. Shoo.

All crowded around playing Pokemon Red.

You gotta start them young :)

This is Cami's Psyduck hot air balloon.

And Matthew's Metapod.

We went to our friends' on Saturday ~ I was soooo stoked for my costume. I'll be dressing up again tonight.

Cami was Rapunzel (and will be tonight too) & Matt was Lightning but no pictures of him.

Nick was easily convinced to dress as my counterpart. He got to wear his tux. haha.

Our friends have the cutest fricking kittens ever. Cami was playing with them all night!

Anyways...HAPPY HALLOWEEN AGAIN :D Hopefully, I'll be a little better of a blogger this week :/


Julia Miller said...

Your face paint is awesome!! I love Halloween as well, but was so focused on my little man this year, I wont be dressing up :(

Happy Halloween

Ashlee Miller said...

Your Halloween costume looks great!

Emily said...

yalls costumes are awesome!

Savanah said...

talk about some crazy costumes!!! Love em!