Friday, November 4, 2011

Boob Tube Babble

Boob Tube Babble

So I'm catching up's been extremely difficult to watch all the DVR'd shows with my husband home. We've had to backtrack and watch things he missed - like True Blood...and we've watched episodes of things here and there like Whitney and Up All Night. My daily shows, like Chelsea Lately and the Daily Show, are piling up!

Let me start with Terranova. We started watching this last week and it's pretty darn good so far. It's a story about a debilitated 2149 world that sends back people to save the human race by starting a civilization (Terranova) 85 million years ago. There are some pretty cliched moments, but overall it's a pretty awesome show. There is still a lot of mystery and unexplained plot that keeps you hooked, waiting for answers. My favorite episode by far was the memory loss pathogen gene-experimentation episode. I'm a fan of the eldest daughter Maddie, who is a giant nerd.

Now...Sister Wives. This season seems like a giant mess. I think Robyn and her kids and her pregnancy has added too much stress into the family and the move to LV was not a wise decision. I do support their lifestyle...they are all consenting, their children (with the exception of the anger with the move) seem well-rounded and normal. I see nothing wrong with what they are doing. I do not, however, like how Robyn is so set in making sure the kids stay the same religion and become polygamists...I understand that Meri & Christine were talking about how they feel they would fail as parents if they weren't still the same religion. I think that's a normal parenting nervousness, but wanting them to and feeling it's wrong if they aren't and pushing them to believe and behave and live a certain way is wrong. Robyn has always rubbed me the wrong way.

Kendra...oh yeah. Guilty pleasure :) I love KDub! I had no clue Hank's dad was battling cancer. What he said about his dad and about baby Hank was incredibly sweet. He reminds me a bunch of my husband. So in touch with his feelings and such a family-oriented guy. It's so respectable. It doesn't surprise me that Hef & Mary helped out. I miss old GND. Seriously.

Anyone else watching Tough Love? These girls are cray cray!! Fo sho! The British chick is soooo annoying. Leilani...she is just a spoiled brat. Brigitte is straight up insane. Eh. I don't think I even have a favorite - they are all pretty insane.

Grimm - so we FINALLY watched the first episode last night. There is still a TON of mystery to be solved in this and I'm very interested to see what happens next. It's like Buffy meets Fringe or something. Definitely a worthwhile show.


Casey said...

Here from BTB :)

I have always been really bugged by Robyn, too! Don't know quite what it is, but she always just seemed a little off to me!

Kristine said...

Tough Love is back on!? Ah, I've been missing it! I love that show... I guess it's a guilty pleasure :) Thanks for informing me!! ♥