Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun With Our Phones Monday

I've got to be the world's worst blogger. My posting has gone from daily to 3x a week :( Shame shame on me!

 Last Weds, the kids had their 2nd dentist appt (well 2nd cleaning appt). They were both very sociable :)

Matthew did well until the flouride.

Cami FREAKED. She did so well the first time around..then this time she was pulling her drama queen routine the whole time!

Thursday, we brought Bella to the vet. It's located right outside the while I was with Bella, Nick took the kids inside the SPCA to look at doggies and kitties. We ended up leaving with another kitty. LOL. This is Muffin.

She's a little over a year old and crazy sweet.

She's woken me up most of the week by licking my face.

Nick tried to get pictures of her and every time she would "smile" - she's too cute.

Saturday when I was coming back from grocery shopping, 5 deer crossed the road. I had the compelling urge to pull over the car and chase them back across the road because there were two trucks of hunters on the side they were crossing too :((

I need to make a post about the new kitty and my awesome early Anni/Xmas present to hubby and how I pulled it off...ohh and I need to post about making my own laundry detergent! YAY! Hopefully I will remember these things. If not, my bad.

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Kristine said...

Oh man flouride is my fave part at the dentist! But I can see how it can be scary for the little ones :( ♥