Monday, November 14, 2011

Fun With Our Phones Monday

So I'm doing a little better this week with blogging. I'm still a bit out of it though. I do STILL need to make posts about the new kitty and my epic gift to hubby. AND homemade laundry detergent. :)

Amber sent us stuff from Maddie's party :) The kids were in love with the fangs!

Muffin is like a dog. She loves to chase her tail...although her method includes balancing on the back of a chair. LOL. She's silly :)

Not sure why, but Cheetos are like kitty crack to her.

It only took a week and now they are friends :D

Muffin is hubby's kitty :) You know, the guy who said no more kitties, he wanted dogs. haha

Kitty balls keeping mah feets warm!

Just when you think I'm not going to be political anymore, I am. Go check out my posts about him. Next debate is Nov 18 - listen to what he has to say. Really listen to HIM, not the media.

Wendy's has nifty little burger holders!

 I married Thor, be jealous :)


Jewely Bug said...

Love your photos. Muffin is a cutie.
Note: this is the second time I have tried to comment and Blogger is being a stinker. lol

Amber said...

hahaha. I totally busted up laughing at the Thor pic!

Lauren@Tennessee Honey said...

And Muffin is a cutie-patootie :)