Monday, November 21, 2011

Fun With Our Phones Monday

I'm making up a word right now...and that word is nerdberger. a nerdberger.

I don't remember if I talked about it a while back, but our housing has an energy conservation program. We always use way less than the average usage for our neighborhood and we get lots of points for this. With those points you can get different things. I was eyeing Pokemon Black and White for DS because we tried for months to find them and we couldn't. We finally had enough right after my husband got home. So we got them. I've been playing Black and my husband has been playing White.

Last week I finally got to the part where the legendary dragon Pokemon show up!

Here's Zekrom...

and then Reshiram shows up (which is the one I caught because I have Black version).

Those Pokemon are BA...badass, if you will! :D

Then there is the kitties....they are getting along now...and have been playing a bunch. Muffin cracks me up...she'll start a fight with Bella and then flip on her back and act the victim.

Bella loves to sit on my blanket while I crochet it....Muffin likes to attack the yarn and break it in half :/

Then you have these crazy kids. They are quite adorable...but still crazy.

^^ My hair looks short in that picture...but it's looks mighty cute at that length though, huh?

I saw my bestie Amber had been writing things for her little man to copy, so I started doing that for the kids. We've been noticing that Matthew has been learning how to read little by little. I'm hoping this will help some.
This was Cami's copying of the word dance.

And I did another Pinterest project!! :) Picture on canvas - it's not completely done yet. I need to go out and get some black acrylic paint.

And that is it for my phone :) Yay! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and has an amazing week! My husband is in his levi brief right now - EXCITED :D Hopefully he gets his orders soon...and then it will feel more real that we may actually be leaving Fort Drum!


Jane said...

Lol! You crack me up. My husband bought us black and white to play together before he deployed. Silly man.

Julia Miller said...

Love the canvas, hope you show it again when you finish. I did a pinterest project this weekend, posting tomorrow you should check it out. Love pinterest.

Savanah said...

ahhh, kitty pictures! I love it!