Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Once Upon a Time

There lived an awesome nerdberger and her awesome nerdberger husband.

Awesome nerdberger husband came home from a long year in a foreign country and saw his first commercial advertisements in a while. He saw this:

The Nerdbergers, however, did not own an Xbox360 and Mr. Nerdberger didn't want to wait until December to play this game. After telling all his companions about this amazing game...one offered to give him an XBox360 for free. Mr. Nerdberger gladly took him up on this offer. This made Mrs. Nerdberger sad...she was planning on getting the mister the PC version for a dual Christmas - 5 year wedding anniversary present.

Yet again arose another issue...the Nerdbergers couldn't bring themselves to spending the massive amounts of money for the game to get it for the XBox. But the missus was sneaky.

When she was grocery shopping one day, she stopped into the magical store Gamestop and picked up Rocksmith. She also picked up a pack of Mister's favorite beer and a pick-six pack of random foreigny German beers for the Mister to try out. When she got home, she called for the Mister to help her carry in groceries and conveniently forgot the beer in the backseat. Underneath the beer sat Mr. Nerdberger's game.

The end.

WAH-HA. Enough of that crazy storytime... I get awesome wifie points for the getting of this game :) He actually grabbed the beer in a hurry to avoid crazy people and slammed the door and then had a "Durrrrrrr" moment and was like "Did I just see that?" and opened the door back up to find his game. He came inside with his beer, game, and the biggest shit-eating grin ever :)

He's been trying to think of what to get me and has been having problems. I'm the worst person ever to buy gifts for because I don't really "want" anything and I'm not particular on what I get. He was trying to find a spot to write in to Paula Deen or Bobby Flay about my food blog (so sweet!) or trade my DS in for a 3DS so I could play the newest Mario Game....although I told him I would've killed him if he did that. So now he's kind of back to square one on gift brainstorming. He said he would feel kind of bad if he got me all kitchen stuff - you know, woman in the kitchen - har de har har...but I'd be totally fine with it :)

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