Friday, December 16, 2011


I decided to start doing this sah-weet new link up with Jenn over at Perfectly's awesome. So I'm jumping on that bandwagon.

So currently...

current book(s):
Lemon Meringue Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen, #4)The True Story of Hansel and Gretel

current playlist:
I'll do a top 10 here...
  1. Fall For You ~ Secondhand Seranade
  2. Daddy's Money ~ Richochet
  3. Good Time ~ Leroy
  4. I Write Sins Not Tragedies ~ Panic! At the Disco
  5. Kryptonite ~ 3 Doors Down
  6. Happy Working Song ~ Enchanted Soundtrack
  7. Bottoms Up ~ Trey Songz
  8. Nightmare ~ A7X
  9. Wasteland ~ Ten Years
  10. Scheibe ~ Lady Gaga

current color:
 I have OPI Elephantastic Pink with a coat of OPI Turquoise Shatter on top.
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P.S. These aren't my nails.

current food:


current favorite show(s):
Fox New Girl

current needs:
To read the crackpipe out of some books! Seriously, I'm so behind!

current triumph(s):
I'm sitting at 199 on my food blog followers and I won a giveaway from Erin over at Spiffy Cookie yesterday!

current bane(s) of my existence:

current celebrity crush:

current #1 blessing:
Made it to Tennessee all in one piece - we are able to spend one month with family and I couldn't be any more happy about that :) Hubby is home this Christmas!

current indulgence:
Ice Cream nutrition data at Calorie Count

current outfit:
A white A7X tee that was Nick's...and my Halloween orange black kitty pj bottoms.

current excitement:

current mood:
Superly content.

current favorite holiday decoration:
My mother-in-law has fake pine garland around her door frames that I just love, along with holly berry bead strings!

current #1 item on your wishlist:

OOAK Dark red goth wire wrapped heart pendant


Lisa said...

I've been eating the giradelli candy like its going outa style, LOVE!

Victoria said...

i love HIMYM too :)

i cannot wait for CHRISTMAS either!

happy weekend!