Monday, December 5, 2011

Fun With Our Phones Monday

Don't get too freaked out - but I'm totally making 2 posts in ONE DAY! Eep!

Muffin has Inception Kitty eyes. It cracks me up.

She's kind of weird. This week she stole a roll of toilet paper from our bathroom.

Broke out some LEFSE last night! NOM NOM NOM NOM.

I was excited to unwrap my first "present" - it was my ornaments from the Clammie ornament exchange.

Jeanne made all the ornaments! POKEBALLS for the whole family! :)
Nick's Ultraball...

Cami's Masterball.

Matthew's Great Ball

And my awesome Pokeball.

We opened presents early from my family because we didn't want to bring them all to Tennessee and then bring them back. The kids got outfits. They loved them!

And were pretty dang happy last night during dinner! :)


Mrs. Williams said...

Thanks for the comments on my page. Your blog is wonderful!

Savanah said...

oh muffin!!! this looks like my Lucy with the toilet paper!!