Friday, January 20, 2012

Boob Tube Babble

Boob Tube Babble

It has been too too long, right?

Since my husband got home in October from Afghanistan, I've been so off with my tv watching.
This week I took the opportunity to catch up on some Mob Wives. So let's discuss a little mafia smuttiness.

Episode 1
Renee gets her surgery.

She freaks about how it was a nightmare. Girl, you sat up while you were drugged and ripped your stitches. That isn't anything to do with a plastic surgery nightmare...that is drugged recovery dumbassery. Then she bitched about how she didn't get the results she wanted...maybe that's because you took a shortcut? You took the easy out.

I cannot stand Drita or Carla. Drita, however, is removing the violence from her personal life and putting it into a career, boxing. I think that is a good idea. I think she needs to see a therapist like Renee though. She is a mouthy little thing. Mouthy mouthy little thing that acts like she is BIG.

Renee invites Karen AND Drita to her "I'm alive" party, but not Carla...because Carla didn't excessively badger her after her surgery. Petty, if you ask me. At the party, Drita wants to get Karen alone and Ramona (who does seem pretty manipulative and button-pressing). Then there is Big Ang - ooooh my gawsh. Too much Ang, too much.

Episode 2
Opens with Big Ang going to get Karen to talk to Drita on the balcony. I always want to like Karen but she goes all ghetto when she tries to act big. I really don't like Ramona. Karen talks a lot of game too though. She's not a fighter...seriously. She is NOT a fighter. Drita is a little scrapper. But in all reality...those are grown ass women. They are really going to sit there and keep trying to go after each other. From what I saw though, Drita was trying to hit Ramona because that bitch was running her mouth AT her and riling Karen up. And for Ramona to say a guy really intentionally hit her?? Gahhhh. What a twat!

In the real world, the cops woulda been there in 2 seconds and all their asses would be sitting in jail.

It also seems like Ramona is boastingly proud of having a criminal as a grandfather.

Episode 3
Big Ang might be a scary looking "woman", but that woman has a brain in her head.

Ramona is full of shit...talking about how there was drama all because of Drita. Drita was calm until Karen snapped and Ramona was hollering at her for no reason.

I think Drita's daughter is smart enough to know that her mom wants a divorce...she probably should just come out and man up and talk about it.

Renee and Carla make up. Yay. Now the drama is with Karen.

Renee and Junior are getting back together.

Ramona got arrested. Good job, twatface. Now how's the mob life treating ya?


Alyssa said...

Sadly, I have yet to see an episode but I know of someone who has Big Ang's laugh as their ringtone haha.

Mia Maree said...

I haven't seen this either! Maybe it is worth watching :-) Thanks for letting me know!