Friday, January 13, 2012

The Nail Files #2

The Nail Files

Alright, today I decided to ask some questions. After jumping around last week, I think I'm probably the least girly sounding of all of us linking up...So teach me your ways, ladies!! I want the skinny on cuticles.

I know what they are...but why do we push them back? How can you tell if someone's cuticles are not so cute? What tools do you use to push them back? Why put cuticle oil on them?

I'm the least girly person I know. *sigh*

But I have cute nails :) This link up actually has me taking off nail polish instead of chipping it off little by little for weeks.

Today I'm wearing Sally Hansen's Pomegranate with Pure Ice Envy glitter accent nail. {Thanks to Christine @ A Lil' Dash of Diva for the idea}

So...are my cuticles janky? Y'all would tell me the hard truth, right? :) Can't wait to see what everyone is sporting on their hands!! :)


tara said...

My cuticles are whack. Lol. I have no advice.

Dynamic Uno said...

I love that color! You're not the only one that doesn't have a clue about nails and such stuff. I just like the pretty colors, I've never really considered if it looked okay or not. Oh I know. :)

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Wow, I LOVE that color! Very pretty!


Alyssa said...

Love the Pomegranate! I'll have to put that on my "to buy" list haha!