Friday, January 20, 2012

The Nail Files #3

The Nail Files

I had full intentions of posting a pretty color this week. In fact, it was Sally Hansen's Plum Luck - it's a pretty deep purple. Unfortunately, it just didn't go on right. So I decided to ask more questions!!! Last week, I asked about cuticles...

So does nail polish go bad? I mean I know that it can separate if it sits too long and you just shake it vigorously...but does it go bad? The Plum Luck was a couple years old and in the middle of my nail, it left a very thin layer of polish, even after 2 coats. It just looks awful. I'm thinking it's time to clear out my nail polish. And that just means I need new ones, right?

What are your favorite brands/colors right now?

{Also, go me! 3 posts in one day! I'm seriously on a blogging roll lately!}


Melissa Swenson said...

Hey Sarah...nail tech/sylist here! YES nail polish goes bad. I don't know the shelf life for sure, but I'm pretty sure it varies on the brand & how it's been stored. The one you had was a couple years old so I'm sure it's time to toss it. I have a crap load of OPI polish & it's slowly getting thrown out because it's old & it makes me sad. I've been too cheap lately to spend the $$$ on professional polish though. Even with my discount it's $4+ a bottle, & to be honest, I don't think OPI is any better than the others now that I've branched out. I actually got a few cheapy bottles by the checkout line at forever 21 (like $1.88 each! tons of colors!) & I've been super impressed with them. There is a trick to getting your polish to go on easier & last longer.
First, dehydrate the nail. Polish is not going to stick to oily nailbeds. Don't even buy non acetone polish...get pure acetone (the clear stuff). It will take the polish off 10 times faster (especially dark colors). You can use acetone or alcohol to dehydrate the nail. Basically just soak a cotton ball in it & wipe your nails really well with it before you polish...and AFTER you apply any creams or cuticle crap. Get that stuff off your nail beds! Next, use a base coat! First of all it will keep your nails from staining, & also it will make the polish adhere to the nail better. True story. Then apply 2 coats of your polish. I always do 2 coats. Always. Let the 1st one dry completely before you apply the 2nd one. Sometimes I'll do one coat & let it dry all day & then finish them after the kids go to bed. Lastly, do your top coat. Top coat is important too because it not only adds shine but it also seals the polish & makes it last longer.
I do all of these steps (and more actually, if you include prepping the cuticles) every week & my polish stays on pretty much all week now. Sure I touch them up once or twice when the edges chip a little...but that's just another coat of color & another top coat. Hope that helps!

Mrs. Jenna Lou said...

From what I know the main concern with cosmetics is bacterial growth. Though Bacteria can't grow in nail polish. I will admit I have a few bottles that are at least 10-11 years old. I still use them since the consistency, color, and smell haven't changed. When they do they get tossed immediately.

Lu said...

I'm glad you asked this question as some of my polish is 'iffy'! I may have to splash out on some new ones!