Friday, January 27, 2012

The Nail Files #4

The Nail Files

Last week I didn't get to post a color because my nail polish was bad :( So to remedy this, I went out and got new nail polish on Friday night!

This week I decided to try out Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Nail Strips. I got a pretty red with black lace design. But apparently not so pretty pictures.
Pros: They are freaking pretty! They lasted all week with minimal chipping (without a top coat). Did I mention they are pretty?

Cons: They took forever for me to get 40 minutes. I have small nails...and had a time and a half trying to match up the right strip for my nail. They are pricey for a one-time use. Also, they were an incredible MESS to get off. I had polish streaking on my nails after I had cleaned them off and polish on the pads of my fingers. I was not a happy girl.

Overall thoughts: I think that these would be something I'd use for a special occasion. There are many different designs and are so pretty, but with the hassle of price and application...they are not for a regular basis (for me).

In addition, I thought I would share with everyone a huge tip that my friend, Melissa, who is a nail tech, posted in response to my questions last week:

There is a trick to getting your polish to go on easier & last longer.

First, dehydrate the nail. Polish is not going to stick to oily nailbeds. Don't even buy non acetone polish...get pure acetone (the clear stuff). It will take the polish off 10 times faster (especially dark colors). You can use acetone or alcohol to dehydrate the nail. Basically just soak a cotton ball in it & wipe your nails really well with it before you polish...and AFTER you apply any creams or cuticle crap. Get that stuff off your nail beds! Next, use a base coat! First of all it will keep your nails from staining, & also it will make the polish adhere to the nail better. True story. Then apply 2 coats of your polish. I always do 2 coats. Always. Let the 1st one dry completely before you apply the 2nd one. Sometimes I'll do one coat & let it dry all day & then finish them after the kids go to bed. Lastly, do your top coat. Top coat is important too because it not only adds shine but it also seals the polish & makes it last longer.

I do all of these steps (and more actually, if you include prepping the cuticles) every week & my polish stays on pretty much all week now. Sure I touch them up once or twice when the edges chip a little...but that's just another coat of color & another top coat.


Cami said...

They are definitely VERY pretty. Love it. But wow...40 mins? I wouldn't have the patience. lol. How much were they - $10?

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Sarah @ Simply Sarah said...

I have always wondered what people thought about the nail effects. I think they look great on you, but 40 minutes is a good chunk of time!

Have a great weekend!

tara said...

very pretty!! i definitely dont have the patience for them to take 40 mins to put on though! =/

Melissa Swenson said...

I think they are cute! But I haven't tried them...mostly because I'm cheap & they are like 10 bucks. But I think they might be worth it if you wore them for a special occasion...maybe a wedding or a party or something. And I have seen them on sale before where they were buy one get one half I guess that wouldn't be too terribly bad.
AND, I'm so glad you found my tips helpful :) I didn't even know if my comment had posted from my phone or not