Monday, January 23, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Mondays

First time for this meme in the new year - it has a new name and Savanah has a new co-host :)

On the way home from Tennessee, not sure what state we were in here. But pretty sunrise, nonetheless.

We barely got into NY before it got awful and cloudy and blah.

And hey...there's ice!

I love how weird my kids are. Hammocking on the corner of the sectional.

For some reason, we had a shortage of both fresh chicken and hamburger.

Friendly little deer stopped by...
I tried to go downstairs to the kids' rooms to get a better picture, but startled him :(

Cami was super proud of drawing a "g"
 ...and a "t" too

Party Zone - I took this one specifically for my husband...
I guess you'd get it if you were also a Tenacious D fan.

Why I hate living here in NY. This is what winter looks like...for months and months.

Bought a couple new polishes since I had to throw out over half of mine. Can't wait to share them on Fridays!


Anonymous said...

Can't believe how close that deer got to your house! Love the new nail polishes.

Christine Thomas said...

I love those nail polish colors! It looks really cold where you live, I don't think I'd be able to handle that! lol

Savanah said...

Ok I must've missed that you live in NY! There was no snow when we were there :(
Love your new nail polishes!!
Thanks for linking up!