Monday, February 6, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

I was really excited when my Magikarp evolved to a Gyarados...I sent my hubs this picture when he was at work. (: He understands the awesomeness of the evolution. Gah, we're nerds.

When I cleaned my desk, I found giftcards. This is my favorite one! So pretty.

Needless to say, we had a TON of "lost" giftcards.

Happy pickle is happy!

Grocery shopping on the day before Super Bowl, not a bright idea.

Conveniently placed impulse items - colorful straws! Wee!

My phone's camera did weird things to the sun. Pretty cloud picture though.

I got one of Tara's dresses from her blog sale - it fits perfectly and I love it!

I used one gift card to get nail polish (: I've got a problem.

My pretty princess - she's growing out her bangs so we've been clipping them to the side.

...and we had Walking Tacos for dinner tonight. Yummy :)


Cajun Cowgirl said...

I'm jealous of your gift card collection! I love having them and feeling like you aren't really spending money!

And impulse items always get me, but I'm getting better. I stop by and look and perhaps even pick them up but then convince myself we don't need them!

Lauren@Tennessee Honey said...

I love happy pickle!! :)

And when I find lost gift cards, they usually never have money on them. :( Boo.

Ashlee Miller said...

OMG do those gift cards still have $$ on them? If so that is awesome!

Charlotte Lynelle Snape said...

Nothing is more satisfying than watching a magikarp evolve. Not even catching a shiny.

Amber M. said...

DUDE!! I would love to find that many random gift cards! What in the world?! Anytime we get one, we immediately blow it on dumb shit.


Amber M. said...

Dang, i should have added a creeper smile after I said "tacos...mmm" haha