Sunday, March 4, 2012

2nd Round of Blogging Pet Peeves

My original post is {here}...and I have been going nutso with these four things happening lately.
  1. Lame Linker-uppers: You know if you link up to a blog hop, why don't you actually blog hop? I swear that it's pointless to even join link ups sometimes. I make sure to comment the hell out of people's blogs. I link up all week long and then on Sundays I spend time going through ALL those blog hops and commenting a ton. If a blog hop has less than 50 entries, I'm likely to visit everyone.
  2. LINK INDIVIDUAL POSTS: Holy cowbell, I do not want to spend 20 minutes trying to find the entry for the specific blog hop. LINK THE INDIVIDUAL POST.
  3. No Source: This one is mostly for food bloggers - I absolutely despise seeing recipes without sources. People take the time to put these recipes out there - you should take the time to note where you found it. And if you don't know, do what I do and leave a note saying it's unknown and if someone does know the source, to let you know so you can properly give that source credit.
  4. Meaningful Comments: If you are going to leave me a comment, please make it meaningful...if you leave ANYONE a comment, make it meaningful. I'd rather read 1 meaningful comment than 10 "Cool!" comments.
P.S. I still hate music players on blogs, no-reply commenters, "follow me" comments, and word verification. Stop that crap.

3 comments: said...

Eugh the music thing really bugs the hell out of me and usually makes me spill my cuppa too! Don't get me started on all the 'check out my sponsor' posts - there are loads of them! Some blogs seem to be doing this monthly now. What happened to just writing about what interests you and meeting some cool people along the way? Obviously I'm not one of the cool kids as I don't have sponsors and a gazillion giveaways every month!!

stephanie said...

word verification is my least favorite thing EVER

Wiz said...

Totally agree! Although, I JUST removed my word verification once Blogger made it ridiculous. It never really bothered me when it was one word..but now, good grief!