Monday, April 30, 2012

April in Review

You can find March's review: here!

April has been kind of crazy. It's been busy, but calm. 
So here's what has been going on:

1. I revealed my 2nd book swap goodies: here.

2. I am doing my exercise diary posts once a week. I've decided to settle on Saturdays. So here are my entries for this month: April 2, April 8, April 15, April 21, April 28.

3. I am continuing the book meme, Top Ten Tuesday. In lieu of the present drama surrounding The Story Siren, I will no longer be linking up to In My Mailbox but will continue sharing what I've gotten because I like doing that. I renamed my sharing post Books or Bust.

4. I continue to be a Pinterest addict. I'm closing in on 9000 pins...and then I'll excitedly get to scream "It's OVER 9000!!!" w00t.

5. I posted one "Currently" post this month. I'm hoping to participate in that one more in May.

6. Girl, you know I'm showing off my nails!! Yep. I'm also sharing my favorite nails from Pinterest on Nail Files Fridays now! Week 14, Week 15, Week 16, Week 17.

7. I shared my frustrations with internet drama. *Sigh*

8. I found the best Chris-Brown-is-a-douche funny. It got posted all by itself.

9. I talked about naming cats. Remember, I'm a crazy cat lady!?!

10. Typically, I'd be upset at my books read this month. However, this month I read some LONG books.

What I reviewed:
  • The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa {here}
  • The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa {here}
  • Lover Reborn by JR Ward {here}
  • City of Bones by Cassandra Clare {here}
Some progress on my "resolutions":

  • Eat more fruit - I've eaten a BUNCH of dried fruit this month. But I still want to eat more fresh fruit. SMOOTHIES SMOOTHIES SMOOTHIES. I need to remember this.
  • Drink more water - I've managed to go back to about 16 oz. a day. *sigh* I WILL get to 24 oz. steady in May and lean more towards 32 oz. a day.
  • Exercise 5x a week - I was smart to not cross this one off, like I KNEW this month I would lose some of my gusto. I exercised 12 (as of, 23rd) days.
  • Get organized - I am working on this one.
  • Stay on schedule (I'm hoping to manage my time better) - Doing a lot better with this one. I hope to keep up in May and cross it off :)
  • Read A LOT - I have read some big books this month.
  • Keep track of finances and save lots of money - We ended up getting our second car and so now I will be redoing our budget. We did start doing a lot better with planning out stuff. I'm trying to cut costs with groceries and each week I get $20 back to give to my husband to use for drinks and snack during the week.
  • I want to blog more - regular blog stuff. Just talking about whatever. Less fluff. - Need to do this. I have a plan!
  • Start doing crafts with the kids. Like Wednesday is craft day or something. - I am disappoint. Still haven't started that...grammar mistake was intentional...LOL
  • Start family traditions: Family Movie Night and Family Game Night. We did movie night last Sunday and we'll be doing game night this Friday. :) - We seemed to have a lot of busy weekends and failed. 
It's still painfully cold here in New York, so let's hope May brings some much needed warm weather and orders out of here! :)

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