Friday, April 13, 2012

Nail Files #15

The Nail Files

So I got a few shots of my polish in the kitchen to get a more accurate depiction of the color. This is by far my favorite combo of the Capitol Colours collection from China Glaze. It was so feminine and pretty :)

Dress Me Up + Luxe & Lush

Some awesomesauce nail designs I found via Pinterest.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest 

And a bonus: how to make your own dotting tool!


Nail Polish Anonymous said...

I love that combo too :) and you alway get me hooked on pinterest lol its so addicting

Jenna said...

I love the combination! I don't have any of that collection yet, but it is on my "to buy" list!

I love all of those nail designs on Pinterest. They are amazing! Especially the giraffe print.

Happy Friday

Lindsay said...

Love the combination of colors!

I might need to attempt that giraffe manicure... I'm obsessed! (and also pretty sure I already have that yellow from China Glaze!)

tara said...

your nails look so pretty! love the hunger games colors!

jennie said...

They look great! And the giraffe nails are AMAZING! I want to try now. Haha!

Laura said...

Your nails look great!