Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cute Things.

I was writing up my wrap up for April and realized I'm still sucking hardcore at making "personal posts" - here is the remedy: lots of life happenings with pictures. I did the Cat Namer now it's time to talk about these adorable kitties and some cute things they do.

My sweet Bella is all about staying warm here in upstate New York. She just started doing this weird perch on the heater thing this winter. It's completely adorable. She'll sit her paws on the top of the heater and lean into it. She looks all proper! LOL

Now hubby's kitty is a whole other story! She is completely cray, but she's also one of the most lovie kitties I've ever met. However, she never lets me get pictures of her being cute. Here she had grabbed my husband's head and was licking his hair...but the second I grabbed out my phone, she looked up at me like..."You have got to be kidding me?! NO PICTURES OF MY SACRED HUMAN LOVING!"

She makes up for this in all the cute shoulder rides she wants. I do get pictures occasionally of this :)

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