Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh the Places You'll Go!

So...we have been here at Fort Drum for going on 5 years now. It's a horrendous place. By horrendous, I mean the winters are awful that when the warm weather comes, you forget that you can go outside and do things. Winter makes you bitter as hell!

The area we live in is 30 miles from Canada and has very little stuff around. Granted there is some stuff, but for example, we have no bookstore. NO BOOKSTORE!!! All our fast food places and restaurants are disgusting! People up here are rude (which you do often find with military communities, even though in this very small area without the military it would be in the economy shitter). And then you have our neighbors...oh I could write blog post upon blog post of rants about them. But they are hopefully leaving in 2 months and we'll never have to see them ever again. And that would be too soon. an effort to not go insane, we try to get out and do things that aren't relatively expensive. We've been to the "zoo" and we've been to Old McDonald's Farm (which incidentally has more animals than the zoo). We went to a water park 2 summers ago, but it's not open just yet and it's hard to enjoy it when you are watching 2 kids and making sure they don't drown.

Two weekends ago, our friends Matt & Amanda asked us if we wanted to go up to Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands. We were going kind of stir-crazy trying to avoid our neighbors, so we immediately accepted.

Boldt Castle is like 4 miles, if that, from the border. It's a gorgeous area and exploring the castle was a lot of fun! So now...comes the pictures :) Warning: this is very pic heavy!

The "Boardwalk"
 Getting our tickets for the ferry
 The view from the ferry of Boldt Castle
 Family Ferry Pic!
 A little info on the castle. There are hearts everywhere because he was building it for his wife!
The tower that they used for balls and activities - we couldn't go in it though.
 The grand staircase!
 Looking straight up is a gorgeous stained-glass dome.
 The dining room - it has a gorgeous view of the bay.
 Creepy basement hallways...apparently they did a GhostHunters on one of the houses near Boldt Castle.
 One of the views of the castle.
 Nick climbing the dove cove. LOL
 View from the second story.
 I believe this is his wife's room. I think it's absolutely gorgeous.
 Creepy Nosferatu molding on the 3rd or 4th floor. I cannot remember!
 View from the 5th-ish floor balcony!
 Hubs was saying how cool it was that they had the Stag of Baratheon on the house. LOL
 I was obsessed with how gorgeous the water in the bay was. The building to the left is the Power House. We were disappointed that we didn't get any powers from it. :(
 A fountain!
 Matt & Cami in front of the castle sign.
 Amanda & I :)
 Nick and the kids taking a break.
 Found a heart stone outside :)

After a few hours exploring the castle, we took the ferry back to mainland and decided to walk the "boardwalk" - we ate lunch here.
 Nick had a delicious Killian's Red in a cool glass. LOL
 I had a much more delicious virgin strawberry daiquiri :)
 Rotten little man wearing big Matt's hat :)
 My super delicious lunch - fried chicken sammy with french fries!

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