Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ain't No Mountain High Enough!

We climbed a mountain on Memorial Day weekend. Bald Mountain, to be exact.

It's called Bald Mountain because there are all these areas of flat, "bald" rock where you can see the landscape. It's super gorgeous.

Nick & Cami.

Nick & Matthew.

All of us :)

There is an old fire tower at the "top" you can climb up in. I did not do this. 
There was a 10 person limit and way more than 10 people on that thing.

We went with our friends Matt and Amanda, who brought along their pup, Duke.
I took entirely too many pictures of his cute little face! :) 
He's an American Bulldog, for those wondering.

Then we went to Seventh Lake - the kids made sandcastles and played in the water - which is super shallow even at like 10 yards out!

The guys built a fire!

We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows!
Cami and Amanda.

Matthew and Nick.

Then we played in the lake a little more! Cami was so fearless.

Then the kids built more stuff with the sand.

I built a Lightning McQueen via a request from Matthew - he poked holes in him. LOL

The kids made little sand cakes.

Then before we headed home, we stopped at the Mountainside Smokehouse!

I ate this delicious Mountainside Club - smoked turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, and herbed mayo - with french fries and baked beans.

The kids both had mac-n-cheese and french fries. 
Nick had a burger, but it didn't last long enough for me to grab a picture. LOL

Matthew chowing down!

Cami sipping her little lemonade.

The end!

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Anne said...

I've been there! It's been lots of years, but we climbed the mountain and took tons of pictures! I wonder where those are now...