Friday, June 22, 2012

Nail Files #25

The Nail Files

I finally successfully pulled off some leopard prints! WOOO! I only attempted it as an accent nail because I'm not nearly ambitious enough to try it for all 10 nails :P I used Maybelline's Pink Shock and Urban Decay's Fame and then just a black nail polish for the outline. Oh and I used a toothpick because I have no dotting tools or anything :) I'm wearing Pure Ice Coral Reef on my toes - it's pictured next to the UD Fame.

Pinterest Inspiration!

Neon polka dot French manicure :)

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Homemade Shellac

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Nautical Nails

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


Life With Lauren said...

Love it!!!

Vicki said...

I adore this! It came out sooo good!

Les said...

All of those are so awesome... I really wish I could do that to my nails!

jennie said...

They look great! Love that neon dot french manicure; I pinned it too! ;)

Kimberlee said...

Congrats on the leopard! I've been meaning to give that a try, is it hard?

tara said...

LOVE the leopard print! i think i'm going to try it tonight!

Laura said...

It looks great!

Jami @ Somewhat Domesticated said...

So cute - I'm super impressed! You're inspiring me to give it a shot. Love that pink color too.