Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Date Night

So...we've been in Tennessee since 30 June and we're leaving tonight tomorrow? It's been really awesome. Usually we just kind of hang out at the house (in laws), but this time I wanted to do a bunch of stuff while we here. I googled a bunch of different things to do in Knoxville. It's pretty big and the foodie in me really wanted to check out some new restaurants!

The first Friday we were here, we decided to hit up Calhoun's and the Pinnacle to see Ted for a date night. We only really get 2 dates a year. We left a little later and didn't get to Calhoun's until 7 and ended up missing the showing of Ted we wanted to see. The next showing wasn't until 10:30 and we weren't about to hang out for over 2 hours to see a 2ish hour movie and then drive home at like midnight.

This was also my first time riding in Nick's new car - ohhh I was all about that.

Did I mention Natalya has a sunroof????

The exact position and face he makes EVERY time he orders food :)

I got a strawberry shortcake daiquiri, but almost got the banana pudding colada!

We enjoyed the BEST garlic rolls ever :)

Hubby got a gorgeous, super delicious steak - the House Ale Steak. 
His mashed potatoes were also incredible.

I got the Kickback Burger - which is infused with Kickback sauce (some kind of magical mayo/buffalo combo) - topped with smoked cheddar and jack cheese, jalapenos, bacon, and the bun had MORE Kickback sauce on it! It was amazing :) I had broccoli and fries with my meal. I also had a cup of Kickback sauce to dip my fries into - I was such a happy camper.

Our waiter was one of the very best we've ever had. My hubs used to work at an IHOP, so we have "high" standards for our service because he knows how a restaurant functions and what is expected of a waiter. This waiter was friendly without being fake, brought us out some kickback sauce to try so I could be for sure if I wanted to order it or not, he brought a drink refill before Nick was done or could ask for another, and he got us a bag full of the garlic rolls and biscuits to take home with us. We actually tipped him at around 60% - I don't think we've ever tipped someone like that!

This is only my second time going to Calhoun's and I just absolutely love it. Both experiences were good and their food is excellent! It was a fun little dinner date.

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Amber M. said...

that burger! mmmm.
I'm starving!