Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trollin' I think most internet obsessees know what "trolling" is. And know that it isn't limited to just the internet.

I have a troll for a son (technically, one for a husband too LOL). Let me just tell you what my sweet 5 year old does.

He likes to roll through the gates on base and tell the gate guards that his name is Joe, Jake, Steve, etc. Yeah, his name is Matthew. He just likes to mess with people. I mean, it's not like he's being vicious or mean or anything when he does it. It's still innocent and harmless.

Until we were in Tennessee for block leave/vacation earlier this month...

I was doing something - who knows what - in the tv room. It is on the opposite side of the house of the kitchen, where Nick, Matthew, and Nick's momma were. All of a sudden I hear a little squeal out of my mom-in-law and then laughing. Then Nick calls me in. Mimi holds up a piece of plastic and goes "Guess where this was?" and proceeds to tell me that she was going to get water for Matthew out of the fridge and it sprayed EVERYWHERE! Apparently this little piece of orange plastic had been shoved in the tube where the water comes out of the fridge. Nick knew that Matthew had done it, so he had called him over. Mimi asked Matthew what that piece of plastic was from - to which Matthew quickly answered, matter-of-factly, that it was from a broken ice pack. Then Nick asked where it was. Matthew showed him the tube. Then Mimi asked why it was put up there...

..and Matthew says, "I wanted the water to come out better!"

He totally knew what he was doing and he was the one who had asked Mimi to get him water.

Troll kid.

I'm watching my back. haha.


Amber M. said...

DUDE!!! aslkdghsdkfajskldfhslkdafjsd

Lauren said...

Matthew Troll!!! jkafdja;fjd;a

Cait Monster said...

Is it bad that I think this is absolutely adorable?