Saturday, August 4, 2012

Faulking Monday.

I tell you what. Mondays are like the bane of my existance and it continued into the next day too.

So last Monday...
My day started off a little busy because I was preparing for reveal day for my group in Secret Recipe Club. This involves going through everyone's blog and make sure they all posted at the right time, for the right blog, in the right way. It took me a good few hours to do all this.

All was uneventful until around 3pm. I went to go take the trash out and found that there were maggots. Every-freaking-where. *barf* But I couldn't do anything about it because Trash Day is Tuesday mornings and the can was full.

A trip to the park and dinner went fine. We hit a little bump at bedtime when the downstairs toilet almost overflowed, but I just figured it was too much toilet paper or something in it from the kids.

Since hubs was out in the field, I was working on organizing and cleaning the whole house. I was doing bathrooms upstairs on Monday night. I was nearly done when I realized the toilet wand was really nasty and it wasn't worth it to try and clean it when I had a barely used one in the kids' bathroom downstairs. I went to get it and when I stepped into the bathroom, my foot got wet. The whole bathroom floor was covered in water. I figure the kids probably flushed the toilet and it overflowed. Whatever. I can clean it up and call maintenance the next day. When I went to go throw the towels and floor mat into the laundry room portion of the basement, I saw the basement floor covered in water.

This has happened once before when our bathroom upstairs got the toilet paper holder flushed in it (it fell in while the toilet was flushing - it was a complete accident) and it was stuck. So I was terrified to use any of my bathrooms, the dishwasher, any running water. But again, nothing could be done until the next day. When I was venting, my computer decided to freak out and I had to cold boot it. Then when I finally went to bed, I found a worm or maggot on my arm. I'm not sure. I need to take the cats into the vet and make sure they don't have worms. Either way...gross!

On Tuesday, I watched the basement any time anything upstairs was used that needed to have water running or draining. I figured it was just a fluke. The kids swear nothing was in the toilet. I found a staph-like infection on the back of Matthew's head - luckily it didn't have time to abscess before I took care of it and has since gone away. Then I got a phone call that our paperwork for EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program - Matthew is enrolled for eczema and asthma) was bounced back. Before I had the chance to hyperventilate, the lady just asked me a few questions and said she would turn it back in. The EFMP paperwork update was the last thing we were waiting on so we could come down on orders for somewhere else. We first turned it in on 14 June, so we had been waiting for 2 weeks for orders and were wondering why we hadn't got any. So now we should come down on orders in the beginning of September. Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary of being here. Nobody stays at their first duty station for 5 years. Ugh. I went to give the kids a shower that night and found out that that wasn't going to work and the water starting coming out of the wall in the bathroom near the floor and then in the basement where the drain is too.

Wednesday was the day I scheduled my annual maintenance check, so I just called maintenance in the morning to tell them about my drainage/sewage overflow issue. They were going to have someone over in 3 hours. They were over by 30 minutes. The guy said he wanted to check the drain outside first and I thought back to 2 weeks ago when I heard that drain making a weird glugging noise during a t-storm and a whole bunch of stuff came out of it. Then when I looked outside, I had seen some rocks. I happened to think of our old neighbors (who just left before we got back from Tenn - THANK GOD!) who didn't watch their kids and they were always taking rocks from the next duplex over and throwing them down the big hill by our house. I saw a few rocks by the pipe and mentioned this to the maintenance guy.

He ended up getting one rock out, but had to call another team for the remaining rocks that were stuck at the elbow of the pipe 5 feet down. FREAKING so glad these kids are gone. They destroy everything. The other team used a waterjet and had to plug it into Matthew's room's outlet through the window - they got some of the muddy sewage in there - I'm talking droplets...and they ordered the carpet cleaners to come out and clean it up. They ended up shampooing his whole room! Just because of those little dots. Everything else that day went perfectly. Everything works again and I'm so happy it does!

Hubby came home on Thursday, a day early - he tried to surprise me, but his car has a v8 and is loud, so I pretty much ran out and tackled him before he could get out of his car (:

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