Friday, August 3, 2012

Nail Files #31

Wet 'N Wild Megalast Candy-licious 
I got this nail polish in the clearance section at Walmart for like $1.89 and can I just say now...GO BUY SOME OF IT. The brush is super wide, the polish goes on incredibly smooth, 2 coats lasted with no chipping for a good while! This is about to be the new favorite brand, no joke!

Mermaid Nails

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Adventure Time nails!!
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Owl Nail Art

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


Cait Monster said...

I love the cute little owl!

jennie said...

I don't think I've bought any Wet N Wild cosmetics since high school (*cough*holyI'mold*cough*). At that price, with no early chipping, though, I'm totally going to be checking it out! :)

Aubrey S. said...

I LOVE the owl! May have to try that soon. The mermaid mani is really pretty too.

tara said...

less than $2 for nail polish?! i'm in!

Joni said...

those mermaid nails are great. def. something i would wear if i could keep polish on my nails.

Melissa said...

Obviously if you read my blog you will see that I'm a Wet & Wild Megalast polish FREAK. I'm a professional nail tech & it's hands down my fav polish EVER. It lasts sooooo long & the price can't be beat. I'm wearing this color right now! twinsies

Kimberlee said...

Wet 'n Wil has some great polishes for their prices!