Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Foodie In Me Just Turbo-nerded

Over my husband's two week field exercise at the end of July, I took Twitter by storm. I tweeted excessively...I'm sure to many people's annoyance. *Sorry* But really I'm not sorry. Anyways...I also took that time to catch up on all my DVR shows because we had just returned from being home in Tennessee for 3 weeks. I watched all of this season of Next Food Network Star.

I already knew I'd root for Alton's team. But I do love Bobby Flay too...and then I got acquainted with Giada De Laurentiis. She is super adorable and so sweet.

So then I started DVR-ing her show and watching it excessively.

One day, I had tweeted that my newest obsession = Giada De Laurentiis. Now...for the record, I did NOT directly tweet AT her. I don't normally reach out to celebrities on Twitter or expect any tweeting at me from them.

But while looking through my @mentions...I saw this:

I about peed my pantaloons! Of course, first I checked to see if this was legitimately her account - and it was! I was seriously like "WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED?!"

So there you have first celebrity tweet that I just nerdily blogged about. :)

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