Sunday, September 23, 2012

How I Blog

1) I make my blog as readable as possible. I like white backgrounds, but I don't mind a blog with a patterned background. Just as long as your text is sitting on white. I try to keep my sidebars organized and clean - with an easy place to find me on other social media sites and a place to follow right at the top. I make my blog as wide as I can without the scroll bar popping up at the bottom because I hate narrow blogs.

2) I post regularly and try to post the same stuff. I don't want a sporadic blog or feel like my blog has no identity. I finally have a more solid schedule. I let my blog get a little too fluffy back in the day, so I'm trying to remember to post more about me and my family.
{This is the routine I usually fall into}
Monday: The Pinterest Project most clicked & sometimes a personal post
Tuesday: The Pinterest Project
Wednesday: Oh, How Pinteresting
Thursday: Book Review
Friday: Nails & TV Talk
Saturday & Sunday: Movie Talk, Life, etc.

3) I schedule posts. Scheduling is one of the very best things you can do as a blogger. It creates so much less stress. I also have a calendar pad from Walmart that helps me keep track of what is being posted when and if I have it scheduled. This helps me tremendously when I think of something I want to blog about.

4) I don't worry about how many followers I have. It seems like everyone is so concerned about the numbers. Begging for followers is obnoxious to me. I think you should celebrate big milestones, but I feel like everyone and their brother is out there annoying everyone to follow them and throwing giveaways excessively to get followers. I want GENUINE followers. If you choose to follow me, it's not because you want to win something, but because you like my blog's content. Obsessing over that number is just going to make you go mental.

5) I try to email responses to comments. When I finally learned how to have my comments forwarded to my email, I was elated. But then I kind of get sad when I see a no-reply email instead of a legitimate email. I don't respond to every single comment - it is kind of weird to reply to a two word comment like "That's cute" - but on occasion, I will tell them thank you for stopping by. And you never know, you may make a new friend by emailing someone :) If you would like to get your comments emailed to you, go to your specific blog's settings, then mobile and email. Find "Comment Notification Email" and type in the email you want them sent to and save. To stop being a no-reply commenter, go to your Blogger profile and then edit your settings. Click the box next to "Show my email address" and save!

6) I participate in linky parties. I love linky parties - they are one of my main sources of finding new blogs and traffic to my blog. What I do is I link up on the allotted date and then usually wait a week and check out the FULL list of links. I don't like checking the day of, when the linky list is still open. I feel bad for people who link up towards the closing time and then don't get people visiting their blog. I also try to visit a bunch of links - I'm talking if there are under 50 people, I'll most likely visit each blog. However, I do not visit bloggers who link up their main page to the linky list. I don't want to scroll through a week's worth of content to find that one post for the linky party. Word to the wise, link up the actual post and actually visit other blogs!

7) Unfollow blogs. Now I'm sure you're like "do what?" at this point. Hear me out! I regularly go through the blogs I follow. I do this because I don't want to be an empty follower to someone. I don't want to follow their blog and never comment on their posts or ever communicate with them ever. It makes me feel a little guilty. I also go through blogs because there are times where someone stops blogging, life happens, and it helps keep my list of blogs a little cleaner.

So how do you blog?


Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I participate in a lot of linky parties in the summer. It's harder now that I'm teaching again.

I *definitely* schedule posts. This is a must.

I also respond to comments, and when I have time, I spread the love and visit their blogs too.

Chantal said...

Yes to all of this! I'm so glad I started scheduling posts, and frankly, it's easier to deal with blogging and having the baby around when I do it that way. I recently started a link-up on Wednesdays with a few other bloggers, you should check it out if you haven't. It's called "Wednesday Walkabout." (I forget if I found your blog through it... my bad ;) )

Mrs. K said...

I can't seem to figure out how to unfollow. Every time I try, it shows right back up as soon as I sign out of blogger and back in. Weird. It bothers me b/c there are so many of you that I want to read often, but I find myself weeding through those that I no longer wish to follow just to find the rest of you!

morgan said...

i believe i am quite similar to you, actually!
however, i find myself either replying to every comment or none at all (i think it's more OCD than anything). and i'm with you about the followers...sometimes it's hard, but being all about the numbers shouldn't be the premise of anyone's blog.


Miss Angie said...

I unfollow every now and again when I need to as well. Sometimes you just don't have anything in common with them anymore.

My anxious life said...

I have been making an effort to unfollow lately. It's amazing how many people just up and quit blogging. Plus when I first started I really didn't understand everything and followed everyone who followed me. And now I see that is just not possible.


Nessa said...

I made a similar post once about what I love and hate in a blog. I try to unfollow blogs as much as I can, because like you said I don't want to be a dead follower, but also because if my reader is more 'clean and organized' I'm more likely to put more time towards visiting the other blogs that I do like to interact with. I keep the ones I like, remove the ones I didn't form a bond with.