Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Survived!!

On Wednesday, we hit a big milestone - Matthew, my oldest, started Kindergarten! I've been sort of dreading this day since he was born. I mean, quite literally, this was him yesterday...

...okay, so maybe that was FIVE years ago, but it seems like yesterday. I am one of those really attached moms who rarely puts the kids in daycare and decided not to put them in preK. Yeah, one of those moms. I'm also one of those moms who drops him off, picks him up, and packs his lunch.

Matthew was really nervous the week before school started at Open House, but he was very excited. He's a morning person, so he was up at the buttcrack of dawn on the morning of the first day! He picked out Dinosaur Egg oatmeal for breakfast.

And I got this completely adorable picture of him with a printable I got off the web. 

He wore his backpack all morning and wanted me to get a picture of it :)

Daddy even got to come with us - which was really important to me. 
I didn't want him missing out on the big milestone!

We got to school way too early because it's a 2 to 3 mile drive that takes all of 5 minutes. So we took a little scenic drive to kill time. We had to loop around twice because we were still way too early. We dropped him off and I was so scared he was going to cry. But he didn't. :)

Cami is really used to having him around. She has clearly had him around since the day she was born, so she took it harder than me. I was actually really surprised. The first thing she said to Nick and I in the car was, "Mom, Dad, I'm really gonna miss Matthew." When we got home, she had other feelings. "No one is here to bother me. I can play with Matthew's toys!" and then an hour after that she was asking me if it was almost time to pick up Matthew and asked me all day long.

Matthew's school has parents come in and sign them out. We wait in front of the office and the kids are brought to us from the classroom. Matthew saw us and ran up to give me a huge hug, but Cami got in the way and nearly tackled him :) She really does miss Matthew a lot.

Thankfully, he hasn't gotten to the why-is-mom-asking-so-many-questions stage. He told me he did recess and played on the left side because the left side was for the little kids. He sat on the big circle thing (rug) and sang the abc's. He had rest time and he didn't like it because it's boring. He went to gym and there were two big guys (the gym teachers are both younger guys - they are pretty tall) and they ran back and forth.

He was ready for his second day of school too!

Cami & I made cookies that day. It's kind of weird for me to have just my little girly girl. Especially since I am NOT a girly girl. LOL. But she's getting a little more one-on-one time.

Thursday and Friday, Matthew made his first friends: Connor, who was wearing a Ninjago shirt that had Matthew's favorite ninja on it, and Brian, who was good at building things with blocks. He had music class and then gym again (they did pushups and jumping jacks). He still thinks rest time is boring. But he seems to love school. He excitedly told us on Friday that he learned how to write his "w" in his name the right way and they read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (one of his favorite books).

So all in all, Matthew survived his first week of school...and so did I!! *phew*


rebecca said...

Thats wonderful Kindergarten went well. My daughter just started this year too. She is loving it and all the homework they have been getting. I'm glad he really enjoyed school though. Love his backpack :)

Mrs. K said...

This just made me cry- lol I MUST be pregnant ;) I do not want to even think about K growing up and going to kindergarten. I never leave him anywhere- perhaps I should start preparing myself :( Five years probably goes by too fast.