Saturday, September 15, 2012

Movies at the Moment.

A few weeks ago, we were on a movie kick and watched a bunch of here are my thoughts..and either funny pictures or gifs.

The Good
The Dictator
{Sasha Baron Cohen//Ana Faris}
I was a little weary after seeing Bruno how I would feel about this one. Sasha Baron Cohen is hilarious, but there are times where it's just really uncomfortable. If you like raunchy type of humor, offensive humor, but not over the top, this one is great. I was laughing the whole time. I loved the character, the premise, the plotline, and the supporting characters!

Dark Shadows
{Johnny Depp//Michelle Pfeiffer//Helena Bonham Carter}
I am a huge JD fan, like most normal people. If there is a movie with JD in it, I'll watch it. Add vampires to the mix and you basically have 2 thumbs up from me before I even see it. I loved this movie. JD is brilliant.  Very funny :)

21 Jump Street
{Channing Tatum//Jonah Hill}
So I pretty much boycotted this movie for a long time. Why? I'm not a fan of CT or all. I think CT looks like a troll and JH just isn't funny. Then I decided why the heck not just watch it. If it isn't funny, whatever. I still don't really like either of these guys, but the movie was hilarious. It was funny, definitely one I will watch again!

The Bad

Age of the Dragons
By the looks of the cover and title, you would think this would be an awesome movie. It was the worst movie I've ever seen...and that's saying something since my previous worst movie is KIDS and I hate that movie. Danny Glover was horrid in this movie. The writing was ridiculous and the acting was worse.

Snow White & The Huntsman 
{Charlize Theron//Chris Hemsworth//Kristen Stewart} I was excited about this one. Here's what the problem would go in expecting horrible acting from Stewart, but actually her acting wasn't that bad (except her weird on and off accent). Theron and Hemsworth are great (as expected). The story, which has been done a million times, has great potential, but this movie was shit. Things weren't explained, things were either too hasty and confusing --or-- super drawn out and overly detailed. I actually didn't watch the last 20 to 30 minutes. I was almost falling asleep towards the end. I wanted to like it. Some of the special effects were cool, like the one below, but this was not worth anyone's time.


Cayce said...

I loved The Dictator and Dark Shadows, but haven't watched any of the others...Jump Street looks fun :D
Thanks for the rec!

Jen Ryland/YA Romantics said...

LOVED 21 Junp Street. I can remember watching the original TV show and the movie remake was hysterical. I want to watch it again!

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

We have the same taste in movies it seems!! I lmao at the Dictator and Jump Street. I felt the same way about The Huntsman. And I'm going to have to watch that Dark Shadows one next.

P.S. How dare you call Channing a troll!!! ;)

P.P.S. You HAVE to see Magic Mike. It's actually a pretty decent movie!!!, seriously!