Friday, September 21, 2012

SYTYCD & Switched At Birth

It has been quite a time since I've dished on my DVR'd fact it was last MARCH. What?!

So...some shows are finishing up and some are starting. This week I want to talk about SYTYCD Season 9 and the first 3 episodes of Switched at Birth.

So You Think You Can Dance:
I started watching this at the beginning of season 5 and fell in love. I really enjoyed this season for the most part. My favorites were Eliana, Cyrus and Audrey. A lot of the dancers got on my nerves personality-wise (especially Amelia), but there were a lot of great dancers and great routines. Unfortunately for me, my stupid DVR didn't record the finale, so I had to look it up online to see who won. are my favorite routines of the season - yay for Pinterest for letting me catalog these haha!

Tiffany ~ Swing/Jive

Eliana & Cole ~ Contemporary

Audrey ~ Hip Hop

Eliana ~ Hip Hop

Switched at Birth:
So we start out with Bay coming back from the Galapagos with a new boyfriend...that was for lack of better words...weird...and awkward. Angelo has his trial and it doesn't turn out in his favor. Regina marries him to keep him in the country for Bay. Daphne gets a job at a kitchen through Katherine's connections and the boss is a total douchebag...but then after a few episodes, he kind of warms up to Daphne, but then she's reading into it wrong (maybe?) and he slept with Emmett's mom. Emmett made the sweetest freaking apology ever...a timeline...I wish I could find images for all of it. But he said when they met, when they first kissed, her first birthday surprise, his big mistake, and then it turned the corner and said Bay forgives Emmett...and then the following:

I think Bay is being super, super hard on him..and they need to get back together. LOL

Shows starting soon:
(all in EST)
Mon, Sept 24:
How I Met Your Mother @ 8pm on CBS
$24 in 24 @ 10:30pm on Food Network

Tues, Sept 25:
New Girl @ 9pm on Fox
The Mindy Project @ 9:30pm on Fox
Brickleberry @ 10:30pm on Comedy Central

Weds, Sept 26:
Law and Order: SVU @ 9pm on NBC
South Park @ 10pm on Comedy Central

Thurs, Sept 27:
Big Bang Theory @ 8pm on CBS
Vampire Diaries @ 8pm on CW - this doesn't premiere until 11 October - sorry!
Last Resort @ 8pm on ABC

Fri, Sept 28:
Fringe @ 9pm on Fox


Tyler said...

I love Switched at Birth! I only hope it doesn't get TOO dramatic.. a good show needs drama, but sometimes it gets to be too much. It's been good so far though :)

Melissa Boo said...

ARGH!!! How did I miss the finale of SYTYCD? Did they change the night it aired?

Sara said...

Yaaaay another person that likes Switched at Birth! I feel so bad for Daphne and all the drama she keeps getting caught up in.. and poor thing thought her boss & her were going to get together... AHHH.