Friday, October 5, 2012

New Girl, Fringe, & Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Last week, I geeked out talking about some of my favorite NEW tv shows, Last Resort & Revolution. This week, it's all about some of my favorites coming back for another season.

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I am in seriously love with Zooey D. I would totally be her bff in real life. I love New Girl. It's definitely one of the best tv shows airing right now. I cannot tell you how many times I laugh out loud when I am watching.

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So who is Team Jessick?? Jess & Nick seriously need to get together already! When I saw they were going on a date in this week's episode, I was like FINALLY. And then they just teased us :(


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Fringe season 5 aired last Friday and my word. I wish I would've rewatched season 4 because they really just jump right back in to what was happening last season. I wish this wasn't the last season, but I think it's because people don't like "smart" shows and also it's on Friday nights. Good job, Fox. Set it up for failure.

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The first episode was absolutely breathtaking and very emotional. I totally cried. I cannot wait for the rest of the season and what becomes of the Observers ruling the world. The cast cannot be beat. They are all so perfect.


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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 7: I love this show! I watch it when I can catch it - although all the other times have been predating me having DVR. So this is definitely on the DVR.

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Shows starting soon:
(all in EST)
Weds, Oct 10:
Nashville @ 10pm on ABC

Thurs, Oct 11:
Vampires Diaries @ 8pm on CW


Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

I am happy to know someone else is attached to DCC show as I am! I too got emotional from the first episode!

Have a great weekend!

Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide

Chantal said...

I miss watching Fringe :(:(

Erin said...

I love New Girl and I am totally Team Jessick! I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER for them to get together!