Saturday, October 20, 2012

Staying Put. many of you all may or may not know...I am an army wife.

When my husband joined the army, I expected to move around every 3 years or so. When we got stationed here at Ft. Drum, NY (30 miles from the Canadian border), we thought that it'd only be 3 years and then we'd be off to new places. Hopefully closer to home in East TN - especially seeing as how there are 80 bajillion closer bases to home.

Well after Nick's first deployment, we did come down on My oldest, Matthew, has eczema and allergies (and now asthma) and is in a program called Exceptional Family Member Program because he has many specialists he sees and we need a duty station equipped to deal with his medical needs. So our orders to Alaska were cancelled. *phew*

After another deployment, we got orders again. This time to an air force base right outside STL. We were all very excited about this move. Very very very very excited. Nick was going to be able to use his top secret clearance and not deploy, etc. Oh yeah, that's another thing, his branch manager wasn't going to send him to a place he'd deploy from because he had 2 deployments under his belt so quickly when there were tons of other soldiers who had never deployed in their military career.

Unfortunately for us, those orders got cancelled. From there, my husband worked furiously trying to get stationed somewhere - even if he had to reenlist for another year or two. We finally heard word in September...we could go to Germany, Italy, Hawaii, or Korea. Let's just go ahead and say EFF THAT.

The whole reason for us wanting to leave New York is that we wanted to be closer to our family in East TN. Not go overseas. Plus with Matthew's enrollment in EFMP, it'd be unlikely that we would be able to. Plus all the hoops you have to jump through - just no. That's a headache and a half. I could go on and on about reasons for us as a family NOT to go overseas.

So when we are asked after Nick gets out of the military in 2014 what all duty stations we got to travel to...we get to say that we were at Ft. Drum for 7 years.

I do hate it here, but we had a lot of stuff riding on whether we were moving or not. Now we know that we will be here at Ft. Drum until 2014 - and that's not really something most military families have - a solid standing that you will be in one place for a specific period of time. I am familiar with everything up here and I do love Matthew's school a lot. So I am okay with staying put.

I do have a plan to try and make it into NYC in the summertime at least once before we leave New York though. Because once we leave...I am NOT coming back.


Chantal said...

That's frustrating!

lil desiqua said...

As much as I love to travel, I don't think I could handle uprooting every few years. That must be exhausting! I really hope you get to NYC- it's definitely one of my favorite cities, and one I think you should experience at least once! Have a great weekend!

Melissa Boo said...

My dad was in the AF so I know what it's like to move every few years. And while I missed out growing up with the same kids in school and having a set school curriculum, I wouldn't trade having to move every few years for any other childhood.

I was born in Hawaii, live in Upstate NY, Alaska, a few other places and went to HS in Germany (prom was in a castle). I loved it. The experience was awesome.

Chloe Jacqueline said...

That is the pits!! I am sorry! On one hand at least you haven't had to go a bunch of places you didn't want to go, and it just a little bit you can decide where you want to be! Wishing you and your family the best!

Mrs. K said...

Oh, how I miss East TN. Our families are both there and we'd like to get back a little closer, too. That's proving to be a little hard even though we are getting out of the military with the job market th way it is.

My anxious life said...

I loved being stationed in Alaska... it is too bad you missed that experience!