Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Ghosts of Halloween's Past

Well, maybe not ghosts per se....

Halloween is one of my very favorite favorite holidays. Okay, it's my FAVORITE holiday. I love it. So I thought it would be fun to share some of my past Halloween's...

I'm 3 baby brother is crying because he's terrified of the jack 'o lantern.

I think I'm 7 or 8 here...I was a witch almost every single year.

 And then BAM. I'm pregnant :P 
Here's 2006 and my first picture pregnant with my oldest.

And here's the following year, 2007, with lil man as a lion :)

2008 was during Nick's first deployment. 
I was at my in law's and we carved pumpkins and the such :) 

I actually had to work on Halloween. I was a nun :)

My babies were babies back then. Cami in here little Halloween onesie.

Matthew was Darth and chased everyone with his light saber :)

Cami didn't stay in her costume long because she tried to eat it.

 2009 was fun. The guys had just gotten back from deployment so we Halloween'd it up at our friend's house. It was Matthew's first year trick or treating!

Here's my pumpkin.

And hubby's creepy pumpkin!

Hubby as a vampire with our friend Diamond as a demon.

Our friend JR with Cami the bumblebee

Me (didn't dress up) reading with Matthew who was Darth again

 Enjoying a sucker.

2010 - another middle of deployment Halloween. I took both kids trick or treating and it was sooo cold that day. It actually snowed. We were miserable. I carved both pumpkins - a bat hanging from a tree and an owl.

Cami was Cinderella - I still can't believe how much she grew in a year!

And Matthew was Lightning McQueen - he was a big hit with all the kids that saw him!

Even with hats, gloves, and coats, it was still bitterly cold.

2011 - probably my favorite Halloween to date. 
I convinced hubby to do Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' costumes. 
It wasn't hard - he got to wear his tux.

Matthew wanted to be Lightning again and Cami was Rapunzel!

 And an overall awesome set of pumpkins. 
Matthew's Lightning, hubby's Jack, Cami's Rapunzel, and my Gaga :)

So this year, I'm still not sure if I'm taking the kids trick-or-treating. We had a fall festival on Friday at Batallion and we dressed up and they did a little candy-getting there (I'll be posting about that soon). I just dread going by myself because of 2 years ago when we were miserable! I guess I will have to wait and see how warm it is.

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Amber McCain said...

The born this way costume--hands down still my fav!
Also, cami did grow like crazy!! Also, she's really tall!