Monday, October 22, 2012

TV Talk: Tons of Shows ~ New & Old

I keep meaning to do these - and have decided Mondays will be my new tv talk post day. So they will be then...hopefully I keep with them! Last time, I talked about New Girl, Fringe, and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader: Making the Team.

The Mindy Project

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Truth be told, I've only watched two of these so far...maybe three because I am way behind on my DVR watching. It's really funny and quirky. Mindy Kalingh is awesome.


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I had really high hopes for this one and the first episode was actually really funny. It's kind of like a lamer Family Guy. Or it was...offensive humor doesn't bother me. But the second episode just wasn't funny. It was trying way too hard to be funny and failing miserably. So we took it off of the DVR.

Once Upon a Time

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I watched the first season during July/August. I really enjoyed it and have been looking forward to the start again. I'm always trying to figure out what will happen next with especially Regina & Mr. Gold and their past storybook stories. The actor who plays Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin is incredible. So so intense and great! I will say, Charming annoys the heck out of me.

The Walking Dead

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Ohhhhhhh yeah! I was so ready for this. Granted I do spend a lot of my time hollering at the screen because they make so many stupid mistakes that you can't afford to make in the zombie apocalypse! I think I've come down to only liking Maggie & Daryl. I hate new Rick...a lot. I'm still really curious about the ninja girl.

Modern Family

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My husband and I just started watching the first season...and we've been marathoning it up the second 8 pm hits. We both really love it and we're both kind of like WHY DIDN'T WE WATCH THIS EARLIER?! I can't pick a favorite right now because I pretty much love all the characters in their own way. Just an overall amazing cast and great writing too!

Do you all watch any of these shows?


lil desiqua said...

I love Once! I am way behind in watching this one this season- I just saw the first episode last night! But it was a great reintroduction! And Mindy Kaling is funny and cute- she really seems like the awkward girl next door! I've also got New Girl, Anthony Bourdain,Life After Top Chef, and The Voice on my schedule!

Leanne Tkachuk said...

Oh my god I love love love walking dead, It's the one show I look forward to ALL week!